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Moon Knight's Ethan Hawke Reveals What He Really Thinks Of Marvel Movies

"Moon Knight" is set to premiere on Disney+ on March 30, and it's looking to be one of the more unique entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The show will focus on Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac), a man living with dissociative identity disorder who becomes embroiled in the affairs of ancient Egyptian gods, specifically the lunar god Khonshu (F. Murray Abraham). This will see Marc become the conduit for the god in the form of the Moon Knight.

"Moon Knight" will also see Ethan Hawke step into the villainous role of Arthur Harrow, a cult leader with ties to the Egyptian god Ammit. This will be Hawke's first foray into a Marvel comics film, and arguably one of the biggest roles in a career marked by lauded indie flicks like "First Reformed" and the "Before" trilogy. However, the actor recently opened up regarding how he really feels about MCU films and comic book filmmaking in general.

Ethan Hawke is a big fan of Marvel films

During a recent interview with Collider, Ethan Hawke talked about "Moon Knight" and revealed that, while he's never been in an MCU film before, he is a big fan. In fact, the actor said that he was a big fan of comic books and superheroes in general. Specifically, Hawke stated that he loves the dynamic between heroes and villains in comic book films, especially in how they are usually polar opposites of each other in so many ways.

"A hero kind of lives in opposition to their villain, right?" Hawke said. "The hero's journey happens because of the villain. The villain makes the hero in a way." Hawke elaborated on this point even further, stating it was important to study how Oscar Isaac approached the character so he could be the mirror opposite of him. "If he was unbalanced, I needed to be balanced," he said. 

It seems as if Hawke put a lot of thought into Arthur Harrow and how he should be played, as well as constructing him in a way that will be a perfect foil for Spector. Fans can see for themselves how well this works when "Moon Knight" premieres on Disney+ on March 30.