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On The Road Trailer Offers A Surreal Look At The Life Of A Touring Band

Hotel rooms, airports, tour buses and the stage: such is the grinding and glamorous life of a working band on tour. 

On the Road, the upcoming feature from the acclaimed and prolific English filmmaker Michael Winterbottom, is a hybrid between a behind-the-music documentary and an emotional love story, with cameras following the atmospheric rock band Wolf Alice, their road crew and their supporting acts as they travel the United Kingdom on a three-week, 16-venue tour. 

But there's a twist in the mix that keeps the from being strictly a documentary about the band, as Winterbottom brought along actors to perform alongside the real-life musicians, threading a fictional romance through the footage of long drives and transcendent concerts. It's not the first time the director has played with the lines between truth and fiction in his films, with another music-centric movie of his, 24 Hour Party People, blending fact, myth, and blatant fiction with a healthy dose of fourth-wall breaking. 

On the Road has screened at several film festivals over the last year, receiving positive reviews, and will be released widely in the U.K. on September 29. Check out the ethereal trailer above, and follow it up with our list of the best movies you might have missed so far in 2017.