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Moon Knight's Ethan Hawke Confirms What We Suspected About Marvel Studios

Throughout the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, much has been made about Marvel's penchant for secrecy. Search the web for articles about Marvel material and you will undoubtedly find numerous jokes about imaginary snipers and hitmen hired for the sole purpose of keeping Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige happy. Indeed, some of us on this very site have made jokes about this topic before. 

Although some stars evidently take these warnings more serious than others (we're looking at you, Alfred Molina (via Vanity Fair)), few would ever seek to cast doubt on modern film's abhorrence of spoilers. Of course, while this has long been true about big-budget Marvel films like "Avengers" and "Doctor Strange," it is also more recently true of the many television series set within the confines of the MCU. 

Ever since the January 2021 premiere of "WandaVision," many of the Disney+ Marvel series have become the new definition of event television, drawing millions of viewers to the platform every week (via Deadline). Soon, these Disney+ subscribers will have their hands on the fifth live-action television entry in the MCU. While "Moon Knight" comic book fans can certainly speculate about what is to come, the stars of the series have kept a tight hold on secrets, only revealing occasional tidbits of information for the purposes of marketing material.

Based on an August 2021 interview with Ethan Hawke, there are probably a number of good reasons for stars to mind their p's and q's when its comes to spoiler etiquette. 

Ethan Hawke had to sign many NDAs

In an August 2021 interview, late-night TV host Seth Meyers broached the topic of "Moon Knight" with Hawke (via YouTube). Like most actors not named Tom Holland or Mark Ruffalo, Hawke was quick to point out that he couldn't say much.

"One of the first things that made it unlike anything I've ever done before is I had to sign like ten thousand NDAs about what I would and would not say," Hawke said, later joking that he does not respect or honor such contracts. Notably, Hawke is far from the first Marvel star to comment on the detail included in the franchise's non-disclosure agreements.

"The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" star Amy Aquino only appeared in three episodes of the six-part miniseries, but that didn't exempt her from many of the same requirements as Hawke. "I had no idea how secretive it was going to be," Aquino told TooFab in 2021. "I mean, the things I had to sign and it's like, 'Woah, woah, yeah, no, they can take my house, s—–."

The first episode of Marvel's "Moon Knight" will be released on Disney+ on March 30. New episodes of the series will be released every Wednesday thereafter until the finale on May 4 (via IMDb).