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The Hypnotoad Detail That Has Futurama Fans Scratching Their Heads

Someone must have a Hypnotoad lying around that tries to convince Fox executives to keep renewing "Futurama" because the sci-fi comedy series won't quit. After the show's most recent run on Comedy Central that saw it end in 2013, it will once again be revived with the original cast, including John DiMaggio, on Hulu. It's great news for anyone who wanted more adventures with the Planet Express crew, including Fry, Leela, Bender, and the rest of their compatriots and the colorful characters who comprise New New York.

One such character is the infamous Hypnotoad. Not only does it have its own block of television, but it frequently pops up elsewhere to control the minds of anyone around, winning pet contests in its wake. It first made an appearance in "The Day the Earth Stood Stupid," and with any luck, it will emerge once again from its slumber to provide more hilarity. However, upon a "Futurama" rewatch, which you should definitely do before the new season kicks in, you may recognize a detail surrounding Hypnotoad that doesn't quite add up.

Why does Hypnotoad have a collar?

The Hypnotoad has some very distinct features: its wavy pupils and the ominous sound that plays whenever it's on-screen. However, one Redditor pointed out something else that many people may not have noticed until now. Namely, u/x_abyss writes, "Just noticed that Hypnotoad has a leash and so should have an owner." It's not just at the pet festival, either. Whenever Hypnotoad is on a television screen, it has the same collar around its neck. Logically, this should mean someone actually owns the Hypnotoad, and fans have some thoughts. 

One user hypothesizes, "My random theory is that, like Nibbler, Hypnotoad places himself in situations that are necessary for his end goal. There doesn't seem to be an owner with him, so, I theorize that he has a hypnotized owner that he just parks in a corner somewhere and takes them out as needed." Others also came up with theories, basically stating that Hypnotoad has no owner and instead merely owns itself, with one person chiming in, "Hypnotoad is owned by Hypnotoad, so the cycle goes."

However, the most shocking discovery of all comes from u/Fitz-O, who points out how Hypnotoad has different colored tags depending on its appearance. Sometimes the tag is white, while in other instances, it's red. This suggests there's more than one Hypnotoad out there, and at this point, we're just kind of surprised the entire galaxy hasn't succumbed to its bidding.