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The Twilight Actor You Likely Forgot Starred On Criminal Minds

As one of the more popular crime procedural series on television, it was a shock when "Criminal Minds" was canceled after 15 seasons. Luckily for fans, the show won't be out for long. Many actors are in talks to star in a reported revival when it comes around again. The characters are the most important part of the series, and no one can forget favorites like Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), Hotchner (Thomas Gibson), and Derek (Shemar Moore).

Though not all of the characters stuck around for the entire tenure of the show, they are an important part of the mythology of the show. The employees of the Behavioral Analysis Unit solve crimes by analyzing the psychology behind the unsubs that they come across. "Criminal Minds" is nothing without the actors who portray these FBI agents as well as those who play the offending criminals. The series has told some of the most harrowing stories with these characters, including one impressive performance by a certain "Twilight" actor.

Jackson Rathbone plays a murderer on Criminal Minds

Jackson Rathbone may be best remembered for his contribution to the "Twilight" film franchise. The actor appears in every film as Jasper, the foster brother to vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). Though reserved, Jasper is a former Civil War soldier who struggles with his dark past as a vampire who trained newborn vampires to kill. Rathbone's debut as the immortal Cullen brother in 2008's "Twilight" occurred one year before he made a one-episode appearance on CBS' "Criminal Minds." In Season 4 Episode 20, "Conflicted," the actor depicts a serial killer who hunts college coeds who are on spring break.

Rathbone's character, Adam Jackson, goes through significant trauma as a child. From an early age, Adam is the target of his stepfather's abuse, which results in Adam developing Dissociative Identity Disorder, with one personality named Amanda emerging regularly. Amanda protects Adam, but she also kidnaps men who resemble Adam's stepfather and sexually assaults them as a form of retribution against her abuser.

Adam comes apart at the seams in "Conflicted," unable to understand the crimes he has committed or piece his life back together. Amanda is far more in control. She is aware of her role and ultimately becomes the dominant personality after she is caught. Rathbone's performance is nuanced and heartbreaking in the episode, demonstrating great acting ability. Though only in one episode, he is, arguably, one of the most memorable unsubs.

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