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Danny McBride Is Back For Revenge In New Trailer For Vice Principals Season 2

The mystery of who shot Gamby will take center stage in the upcoming next season of HBO's Vice Principals

Walton Goggins co-stars alongside Danny McBride, who also created the series with frequent collaborator Jody Hill. Vice Principals follows the low-level turf war waged by two subordinate members of high school faculty as they vie against each other and outside forces for the coveted principal's chair. Subtitled "The Final Semester", the nine-episode second season will follow the show to its finish line, bringing the series to a planned close after an 18 episode run. 

The second season looks to be a pivot from the first, shifting from the one-on-one battle of Goggins' Lee Russell and McBride's Neil Gamby to a vengeance-focused search for the masked assailant who shot Gamby in the school parking lot in the cliffhanger ending of season 1. If the look of the poster and attitude of the trailer are anything to go by, we wouldn't be surprised one bit if the series ends with our heroes going completely scorched-earth and burning North Jackson High to the ground.

Vice Principals returns September 17. Check out the trailer for the new season (above), and get excited with the stylized poster for the next and final season (below). 

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