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What Happened To Daniel In Return To Amish?

The Amish have long held a place of intrigue and curiosity in film and television, with movies like "Witness" with Harrison Ford romanticizing them, while others like "Kingpin" with Woody Harrelson joking about them. Many are documentaries, like "Devil's Playground," which focus on rumspringa, which is when Amish youth leave their communities and explore the world outside as a rite of passage. Some come back and are baptized as adults, some choose to stay in the "English" world, and others come back and are baptized, but are shunned by friends and family if they choose to leave the community again.

With the rise of reality television, viewers are finally starting to get a closer look into the world of the Amish and those that leave their communities. In 2012, TLC produced "Breaking Amish," which focuses on a group of Amish and one Mennonite who leave their communities to explore the English world. "Breaking Amish" ran for four seasons and spawned a spin-off: "Return to Amish," which sees the original cast return to their communities, along with new faces. One new face is Maureen Byler, who ventures out of the community with another Amish girl, Rosanna Miller, and ends up meeting her first love, Daniel. "I have a crush on this really handsome guy," Byler tells the cameras during filming. "He's actually an Amish taxi driver." 

Viewers have been eager to learn more about Byler's boyfriend and what his life was like before he first appears in "Return to Amish."

Daniel had a tragic accident as a child

Maureen Byler's boyfriend Daniel also grew up in the Amish village, and when he was 18 months old, he accidentally drank Drano. This left him with scarring on his body and face. The Amish do not believe in plastic surgery, so even though the doctors recommended it for his scars after he was poisoned, his family refused. Byler told the TLC cameras during filming that "It doesn't matter to me. I like him just the way he is."

Viewers on both Reddit and other parts of the internet (via Reality Tidbit) have also been curious about Daniel's crooked teeth, and many wonder why he didn't get dentures, as it's common practice for the Amish. Amish people generally don't go to the dentist, instead choosing to pull troublesome teeth and get dentures put in (via Amish America). Daniel clearly still has his own teeth, which continues to surprise many fans of the show.

Both Byler and Daniel are on social media and the couple are still together. In fact, Daniel posted a picture on his Instagram announcing the birth of their daughter, Emily Lynn, on February 16, 2022. Byler has made it clear that she thinks Daniel is perfect, scars and all, and judging by the selfies on his page, he also agrees that the scars and teeth are just part of who he is.