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This Is American Pickers' Hobo Jack's Favorite Thing To Collect

Considering just how much ground the team from "American Pickers" has to cover in each episode, it should come as no surprise that the crew will run into all manner of strange and interesting people while out on the road. Former series regular Frank Fritz has gone on record to assert that meeting all of these colorful characters was more enjoyable than the actual antiquing that the show is focused on, though admittedly, some of the people they meet on the road are far more memorable than others.

Amongst the various side characters we've met throughout "American Pickers," there's no doubt that the Illinois-based antiquary Jack Sophir managed to make the largest impression in the shortest amount of time. Despite the fact that he's only ever appeared in two episodes, Sophir (nicknamed "Hobo Jack" within the series) became an instant fan favorite after his first appearance in Season 2 of American Pickers. His habit of breaking into song seemingly unprompted and his incredible enthusiasm for antiques made his appearances in the series incredibly fun for audiences and hosts alike, and while Hobo Jack clearly loves antiquing and working with the Pickers, he has admitted that there is one thing he loves to collect more than anything else.

Sophir has been obsessed with collecting cars for most of his life

As revealed in his interview with The Telegraph, Jack Sophir is utterly obsessed with collecting cars and various car parts. "I've owned probably 100 cars in my life," he told the publication. "I still have 30 of them." Sophir went on to describe how one of his lifelong hobbies involves collecting, restoring, and re-selling cars, and it was through this hobby that he eventually came into contact with the "American Pickers" cast. Sophir's obsession with all things car-related seemed like a match made in heaven for the Pickers, especially since series lead Mike Wolfe is constantly in search of vintage automobiles and vehicular memorabilia.

Though cars are far and away his favorite thing to collect, Sophir also revealed that he has a special fondness for items made during the Victorian Era. "My fascination with the Victorian Era has no basis," he admitted. "I can't explain it but it is a compelling passion." Sophir remains to this day one of the most memorable collectors that "American Pickers" has ever featured, and if the team ever decides to revisit him, we'd have to imagine that his collection of cars has only continued to grow since last we saw him.