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Markiplier Bloopers That Make Us Love Him Even More

As one of the most prolific content creators in YouTube's history, boasting over 32 million subscribers to date, Markiplier stands as one of the industry leaders. Starting his channel back in 2013, Markiplier's reach has grown considerably over the years. But, even before becoming famous, Markiplier always had a knack for being funny. In recent years, his sketches and gaming content have transformed into more ambitious productions.

Despite growing in viewership and prestige, however, Markiplier has not left his fans in the dark. In fact, the opposite has been true. Markiplier often grants his fans a peek behind the curtain of his largest productions, sharing behind the scenes content for all to bear witness to the goofs that ruin takes — and turn them into blooper gold

Looking back through Markiplier's blooper reels also gives his fans a deeper understanding of the amount of work put into his craft. Not only are they intriguing to watch for their hilarity, but they also show different sides of Mark and his friends. When the script goes out the window, their true colors show through, and the following Markiplier bloopers may give fans an even greater appreciation for his channel.

Warning: Some of the following videos feature NSFW language, so viewer discretion is advised.

Another day at the office for the King of the Squirrels

All the way back in 2013, as a sign of appreciation for reaching 80,000 YouTube subscribers, Markiplier posted a video titled "King of the Squirrels." In it, Mark slathered his jaw with peanut butter in eager anticipation of squirrels licking it off his face. Returning to the Squirrel King character two years later for another channel update video, Mark again lathered up his face as an offering to his peanut-loving subjects.

In a third glorious appearance, the King of the Squirrels also appeared in "Markiplier TV" and its corresponding blooper reel with the same peanut-buttered face, only now with a regal ensemble and crown to boot.

Previous King of Squirrels clips were shot in Mark's home, where nobody would bat an eye at his over-the-top antics. The bloopers for this scene, however, reveal that this most recent appearance was apparently shot in a public office space. Predictably, a suit-and-tied man going about his workday strolled through the film set to see Mark dressed in a king's outfit with peanut butter all over his face. 

Bewildered and amused, the businessman's questioning glance is met by Mark saying, "I know this looks weird, but don't worry about it." This was apparently enough of an explanation for the passerby, and Mark and the crew giggle to themselves about what another day in the office means for the man in the suit, as opposed to the man in the cape.

A wild Markiplier appears in the tall grass!

Released in May 2017, the "Markiplier TV" video portrayed a myriad of Markiplier's alter-egos across interwoven shorts. Racking up over 4.7 million views on YouTube to date, "Markiplier TV" also produced around 12 minutes of bloopers that showed just how much fun it was to film these sketches.

One fan favorite clip from "Markiplier TV BLOOPERS" sees Mark in dialogue with a jet black exercise ball. This somber, one-sided conversation ends with a forbidden apology: "This could never work between us." Full of sorrow, Mark skulks away from the devastating "breakup." As his emotions turned to stone, his stride turns robotic.

Walking like the "Elder Scrolls: Oblivion" soundtrack underscores his awkward gait, Markiplier eventually auto-pilots right into a sturdy bush. Shapeshifting mid-joke from some kind of bugged "Oblivion" NPC to a wild Pokemon, Mark then disappears into a thick patch of shrubs — only for the camera to then find Mark poking his head through a gap, much to the surprise of the film crew. Always willing to do the unexpected for the sake of comedy, Markiplier can truly turn any situation into a great joke.

Australian bear-slaying forest warrior

Continuing through the wealth of bloopers from the "Markiplier TV" sketches, this clip goes to show just how natural Markiplier is with improv comedy. In the spur of the moment between scenes, Mark was asked by the cameraman to talk about the large stick he was twirling around.

Never one to refuse the challenge of making something funny, Mark starts picking qualities of the stick to jokingly point out. Nodding to his love of video games, Mark describes the stick as giving a +2 stat bonus to bear slaying for its wielder. Going further into this analysis, Markiplier demonstrates a stabbing motion that he claims would make the stick "good for bloodletting."

The sales pitch for this wooden stick doesn't end there. Beyond just being (in Markiplier's eyes) a suitable weapon for bear-slaying, it also apparently possesses supreme balance and could come back to him on its own, much like Thor's hammer, Mjolnir. Showing off this incredible power, Mark tossed the stick slightly off-camera, commanding it to go to Australia and back. Catching the stick, Markiplier is suddenly possessed by an Australian accent. The mysterious powers of this 100% authentic wood stick could only be brought to life by an imagination as active as Markiplier's.

Ego Metrics

The most common directions one will hear while browsing through different YouTube channels are "like" and "subscribe." These are calls to action towards boosting the channel's metrics: Hit that like button, make sure to subscribe, and ring that bell icon to enable notifications! Creators must promote themselves in order to participate competitively in the video-sharing algorithms. The smaller the channel, the more important it is for them to reach these network effects for their videos.

The larger the channel, however, the less these key metrics seem to matter — after all, those creators have already "made it" both financially and in a popularity sense. Even before these metrics stop being crucial to the creator's financial wellbeing, they can morph into primary sources of self-worth. Egoism is hard to avoid in an industry created by and for people filming themselves for attention, and luckily Markiplier is around to make fun of these concepts.

This clip sees Markiplier playing the pitch man for a "like and subscribe" charity that will help save his ego. Hitting that like button would, in Mark's terms, serve to inflate his already massive head and not change the size of his heart at all. Poking fun at the egoism and self-worth associated with subscriber and viewer counts, Mark shows that he is not above making fun of himself or his brand of content creation — especially when he follows his plea with a torrent of dirty words.


In tandem with his self-deprecating humor, Markiplier also makes some despairing jokes about the realities of content creation in his "Markiplier TV Bloopers" compilation. Everyone has down moments, days where they feel small in the grand scheme of things. Dark humor can serve as a release valve for a lot of those anxieties.

This dark (but funny) clip begins with Markiplier wrapped around an exercise ball, rolling about while lamenting about the state of his creativity. Suffering from a spell of "Chronic Unfunny Syndrome," Mark eventually rolls his head into the ground, getting his hands stuck under the exercise ball.

Accepting this new level of defeat, Markiplier remains with his hands stuck under the ball and his head planted upside-down into the grass. He continues rambling on about falling deep into imposter syndrome — which is a powerful idea coming from a person as successful as Markiplier.

Eventually, the YouTuber is pulled out of this character by a passerby who he has to reassure, "everything is fine." While all of this was played out as a joke, every joke has an edge of truth. Markiplier is no stranger to overcoming tragedy, so to see him acknowledging his insecurities and turning them into a lighthearted confession — all while face planted upside down on an exercise ball — is peak behind-the-scenes content.

Dabbing in the face of danger

Over the years, Markiplier has had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the biggest YouTube stars. One of his most famous collabs was with YouTuber Jacksepticeye, who featured in a video titled "DARKIPLIER vs ANTISEPTICEYE."

The original video pins the "dark" version of each creator against each other, only for them to be interrupted by the evil versions of other prominent YouTubers. During their interrupted argument, Antisepticeye and Darkiplier have to dodge the attacks of the interlopers, dipping underneath CGI projectiles in front of a green screen.

The blooper reel for this clip is nothing short of hilarious. Starting too quickly out of the gate, the dodges between the two are premature and unsynchronized. In the next outtake, the timing is seemingly fixed, but when Jack points out the third dodge-able horror on the horizon, Mark hits a juicy dab instead of ducking. Timing is everything for comedy, and Markiplier sure knows when to take the perfect opportunity to dab off-script.

'I'm hot, right?'

One of Markiplier's most popular long-form comedy sketches, "The Drowned Man," released in 2019 as a three-part series. During this series, Markiplier takes on the role of a spiritual medium attempting to solve the supposed haunting of a house. As the investigation unfolds, it becomes ironically clear to the audience that the haunted house is actually just in need of some basic plumbing work.

Trying to get to the root of the water problem, Mark ventures into the basement of the house to investigate the hot water heater. In an outtake from this scene, Mark remains in character as he tells his haunted victim, Boggs (played by fellow YouTuber LordMinion777), that one must feel the hot water heater to get a proper sense of the aqueous energy throughout the house. Taken literally, Boggs touches the water heater and Markiplier stammers out, "Don't feel it; it's hot."

However, the water heater is actually cold, which seemingly breaks his character's logical axis. In order for something to be hot on the surface, to Markiplier's character, it must also be hot on the inside. To prove this, he uses his own body as a test case. Prodding Boggs into feeling his body to prove his point about internal heat matching external heat, Markiplier comes to the conclusion that he himself is hot. 

Whether Mark is referring to the temperature of his skin, his internal body temperature, or the hotness of his physical appearance is unclear. However, it is perfectly clear that Markiplier masterfully blends the line between in-character and out-of-character comedy when filming his sketches.

Reading with closed eyes

Ouija boards claim to provide a link in the liminal space between the spiritual and material realms. They've flourished in popular culture for supposedly tethering those that are no longer on Earth to the questions asked by those who hold their memory. In order to know the responses of the spirits, the user watches the movement of the board's cursor over letters that spell out the spirit's words.

This detail in how to interpret the messages of a Ouija board apparently evaded Markiplier's common sense in this funny blooper clip from "The Drowned Man". In an attempt to speak with the aqueous demon possessing the house, Mark and his haunted client break out the Ouija board. But when it comes time to ask questions and get responses, Mark, as the professional spiritual medium, instructs his client to join him in closing their eyes and letting the spirit guide their hands.

When confronted with how this would prevent them from seeing the spirit's response, Mark and the crew burst into laughter. Mark's brand of comedy involves lots of improvisation, so the logic of the jokes occasionally slip through the cracks. After getting razzed for that slip-up, Mark even exclaims, "Don't listen to me!" 

While nobody sticks the landing of every joke, being able to laugh at one's own blunders goes a long way in being able to continue trying.

Markiplier versus an indestructible smoke detector

Everyone knows the awful sound of a blaring smoke detector. When they unexpectedly go off, the whole house descends into chaos — relaxation ceases, the dog starts barking, and a mission to find and eliminate that screeching sound commences. Typically, these situations only last for a few minutes, at least until the sounding smoke detector is found and the proper steps are taken to turn its alarm off.

However, in the heat of the moment — and when the alarm is piercing everyone's eardrums — sometimes the only measure to be taken is to rip the batteries out or to completely disconnect the alarm from its wall mount. Sometimes this is not enough to get the alarm to stop ringing, though, and the situation only gets more frustrating.

That's exactly what happened to Markiplier in a blooper from 2016. After apparently holding them up for an extended period of time, the ringing of the smoke detector is met by Mark, Ethan, and Tyler all groaning and rolling their eyes at the noise. Getting at least a small kick out of the inconvenience, the crew set up disco lights in the room and opened the window to simulate a "party room" that the neighbors would hate. As the clip continues, Mark launches into a verbal assault on the smoke detector. Even though he had taken the battery out, the smoke detector prevailed.

Markiplier versus a rogue boom microphone

Film sets can be chaotic places. They can be described like a symphony, with many moving parts helmed by multiple specialists. Whether this symphony is harmonious or not depends on the director and crew making all the pieces work together. On a film set, the sound crew needs to be on point and ready to roll for every scene. Most of the time, these crew members have a microphone on a long pole just outside of the camera's frame called a boom mic. Operating the boom mic is an especially tiring process because of the weird posturing required. However, boom mics entering the camera frame will typically cause the director to cut or the editor to trim it from the frame.

Possibly due to a tired arm, Markiplier's boom mic operator in the "Warfstache Interviews Markiplier" skit provided some great blooper reel content. The video "Warfstache Interviews Markiplier BLOOPERS" comes back to the gag repeatedly, but one specific clip shows the boom mic invading the personal space of Markiplier. In response, Markiplier invites the recurring invasions by opening his mouth wide and trying to catch the boom mic. Yet again, Markiplier shows how willing and ready he is to roll with the punches.

A wholesome spectrum

"A Heist with Markiplier" was a groundbreaking series launched in 2019 through YouTube Originals that functioned as a "choose-your-own-adventure story" within a video framework. Viewers would make choices at the end of each video about where to take the story by clicking on one of two options. This project, by virtue of its raw ambition, required tons of different scenes to be shot — which also provided viewers with tons of blooper content.

In collaboration with Matthew Patrick from The Game Theorists, one wholesome clip from the blooper reel shows a common acknowledgement of inclusivity baked into the impromptu comedy of the sketch. Just for a bit of context: The scene features Matthew Patrick playing a deranged cave man asking the viewer to make a decision in the choose-your-own-adventure style of the series.

When asking the viewer to make a choice, however, he mistakenly genders them by asking for "this man to make a choice!" Catching this assumption, Markiplier jokingly questions, "Man!?" To this, Matthew responds with, "person of indistinguishable gender; it's a spectrum."  Satisfied with this mutual understanding, Markiplier then reaches out with a handshake to cement the wholesomeness.