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The Penny Dreadful Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Showtime's 2014 — 2016 series "Penny Dreadful" is best remembered for its complicated, dark, mysterious characters. Many had some relationship with magic or the occult, and the nature of those relationships — whether fighting for or against such dark forces — would frequently change from season to season. Inspired by 19th century paperbacks known for their proudly lurid, trashy subject matter, the series was a wild ride — and would come to spin off 2020's "Penny Dreadful: City of Angels."

One of the more interesting aspects of the original series was how it explored both the concept of faith and the notion of monstrosities. Our lead character, Vanessa Ives (Eva Green), holds on to her faith in God like a lifeline while battling the dark forces that threaten to overtake her; one of her enemies, Evelyn Poole (Helen McCrory), has devoted herself fully to the devil.

The series is filled with magical, monstrous creatures that populated imaginations during the late 19th century, from Frankenstein's monster to Dorian Grey to Dracula himself. But, rather than depict these figures as pure caricatures, they become fleshed-out, complicated people who all happen to live in Victorian London at the same time. Certainly, many of these characters are up to no good, but there aren't really any true heroes in the show either (even if Josh Hartnett's Ethan Chandler might think of himself as one).

Maybe you're not keen to imagine yourself in the dark and dangerous London that these characters inhabit, but you did click on this article — so at the very least, you're curious. So, using the signs of the zodiac and their predominant characteristics, we've determined which "Dreadful" character you're most like based on your birthdate. Like the mystical Vanessa Ives might do, we've read the stars and come up with our best astrological impressions — read on to find out which "Penny Dreadful" character you are based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Ethan Chandler

Without a doubt, Ethan Chandler (Hartnett) is one of the most likable characters on "Penny Dreadful." A sharpshooter originally from New Mexico, Ethan is a charming adventurer who loves the ladies. A cowboy in London, Ethan stands out from the crowd. A reliable friend, Ethan is brave, confident, and not afraid to take on any dangers that come his way. He's also exceedingly moral, and honest about his feelings and his intentions.

Ethan is best represented by the first sign of the zodiac, which is the Aries. A passionate fire sign, they are known as warriors and are the most active and energetic of the signs. They love competition and are courageous and driven in their exploits. Though they can sometimes have a temper, they also have the capacity to be warm, generous individuals. If you were born between March 21 and April 19, you may also possess these qualities.

Ethan exemplifies both ends of the spectrum of an Aries. He has their courage and warmth, yet also contains within him a hidden beast (literally). Like his soulmate, Vanessa, he has his own inner demon that manifests as a werewolf. Though Ethan proves himself to be a kind, honorable man, he has difficulties trusting this impulsive, aggressive side of himself. But, even with the knowledge of this inner beast, Ethan is someone you'd want to have backing you up in a fight.

Taurus: Ferdinand Lyle

Ferdinand Lyle (Simon Russell Beale) is an Egyptologist who assists Sir Malcolm and the team when they're in need of historical background. Ferdinand is what you might call a "dandy." He clearly cares about his appearance — he's always seen with perfectly coiffed hair—– and he seems to enjoy the finer things in life. He also happens to be gay (something he can't share openly) and he's Jewish, yet another aspect of his identity that he must keep to himself.

Ferdinand loves indulging in things that bring him pleasure, which is why he's a Taurus. Taureans (those born between April 20 and May 20) are known as the sensualists of the zodiac — and, like Ferdinand, they enjoy luxuriating in earthly pleasures. If given the ability to choose, Taureans would love to spend all day at home, surrounded by beauty, love, and the things that give them pleasure. They like to chill out and, because of their temperament, are quite reliable and patient (a quality that can border on stubbornness).

It's a tragedy that Ferdinand isn't able to truly indulge in the things he loves because of the social customs of the era, because we know he would be living his best life were he born in a different time. But, regardless, he makes a good friend to the team — particularly his crush, Ethan — even if he does kind of betray them in the end. But who can blame him? Evelyn is very scary.

Gemini: Sir Malcolm Murray

Sir Malcolm (Timothy Dalton) is a complicated figure, and he keeps a lot of things to himself. Previously a brave explorer, Sir Malcolm has now lost everything because he put his own career and dreams above family. He's intelligent and shrewd, and, where he was once filled with joy and excitement, is now racked with anger and guilt over the loss of his children. There are two versions of Malcolm: who he is, and who he once was.

You might be able to guess by now that Malcolm, as multifaceted as he is, is a Gemini. Born between May 21 and June 20, Geminis are represented by the twins, and they are known as the communicators of the zodiac. They are entertaining, quick-witted, and endlessly curious individuals. They are extremely adaptable and have the ability to exchange information and pick up new ideas at rapid speeds. Because they are so fast-moving, they can sometimes be seen as flaky or inconsistent.

All these qualities represent Malcolm, both in his current and past forms. The reason he lost his family to begin with was because he was so focused on going out into the world and exploring instead of being home to raise his children and support his wife. In his earlier life, he was arrogant and self-centered, focused exclusively on expanding his own mind. This is a common pitfall of Geminis, who are sometimes accused of being more cerebral than they are sentimental.

Cancer: Brona Croft

When people think of a Cancer — those born between June 21 and July 22 — they imagine someone who is cuddly, soft, and emotional. While this image isn't untrue, it also doesn't paint the full picture. Cancers are undoubtedly one of the most emotional signs, but this doesn't mean they are weak or cowardly. In fact, Cancers can be the most tenacious and even vengeful of all the signs because they are rooted so strongly in emotion and never forget the sins that have been committed against them.

Brona Croft (Billie Piper) — reborn as Lily Frankenstein — may not seem like a typical Cancer at first glance. When Ethan first meets her as an Irish sex worker, she is spunky and irreverent, an attitude that conceals her traumatic past. When she dies and is reborn as Lily, she initially comes off as naive, unblemished, and a perfectly empty vessel for whatever Victor wants to mold her into.

But, as we soon learn, Lily (or Brona) is not an empty vessel at all, and in fact remembers everything that has ever happened to her with brutal clarity. This sense of memory is a credible trait for Cancers, who tend to be the most nostalgic and sentimental of the signs. This nostalgia can easily turn into vengeance, as it does for Brona. Tired of being constantly beaten and stomped on by the world, Brona assembles an army of former sex workers to take down the patriarchy and usher in a new age led by immortals like her. As Brona sees it, life hurts, so why not take back the night?

Leo: Dorian Gray

Honestly, this one's pretty obvious. There's no way around it: Dorian Gray (Reeve Carney) is a Leo. Dorian's entire worldview is defined by hedonism. He lives so that he can continue experiencing more pleasure and debauchery, even though he never seems truly satisfied. Because he's immortal — his soul is trapped in a portrait, as in the Oscar Wilde novella — he's done and seen everything there is to do, and he's constantly looking for something to excite him.

Born between July 23 and August 22, Leos are creative, enthusiastic fire signs. Leos are natural leaders and they live for drama, extravagance, and luxury. They prefer to think of themselves as the kings and queens of their domain, much like their animal counterpart, the lion. Leos enjoy standing out, and looking and feeling good is important to them. They tend to desire attention and admiration from their peers, which, on the flip side, can make them self-centered.

Dorian possesses all of the aforementioned qualities of a Leo without any of their more positive characteristics like warmth, generosity, and good humor. While he may initially come off as these things, he loves himself more than he could ever love anyone else, which means he could never truly see someone as an equal. When Angelique – who he initially seems to care for — discovers his secret, he kills her without hesitation. A Leo without a soul is indeed a scary thing.

Virgo: Florence Seward

One of two characters on "Penny Dreadful" played by the great Patti LuPone, Florence Seward is an early psychotherapist who helps treat Vanessa's depression. Dr. Seward is a stern and serious woman, and she doesn't tolerate dishonesty or trickery. Like any good therapist, she is observant and notices every detail. Though she does have a sense of humor, she is very blunt and forthright in her methods. A descendant of Joan Clayton (also played by LuPone), Dr. Seward acts as another mentor to Vanessa.

It's only fitting that Dr. Seward be a Virgo, as this is the sign represented as both the healer and the analyst. Virgos (those born between August 23 and September 22) tend to be problem solvers who are always processing information and trying to come up with solutions. They are loyal, practical, detail-oriented individuals unafraid of hard work. Though they can be judgmental, these judgments have good intentions, as they are driven to fix any problems they see and help others with their keen insight.

These qualities make Dr. Seward a great therapist and good friend to Vanessa. Though she does cause Vanessa to get trapped in a hypnotic state and unintentionally leads her right to Dracula (whoops), she's the only one who can get Vanessa out of the fugue state she entered following the events of Season 2. Though she tends to be someone whose strength is in the powers of her mind, she's also quite brave and courageous, joining the charge to rescue Vanessa from Dracula's clutches. Virgos like Dr. Seward are not to be trifled with.

Libra: John Clare

Libras — those born between September 23 and October 22 — are all about balance. Represented by the scales and symbolized by both the lover and the diplomat, they are compassionate individuals who tend to see both sides. They are interested in fairness and justice, hence the scales. Relationships are also important to Libras, as they tend to see themselves reflected in other people and are often in search of an equal partner to share their lives with.

If you really think about it, these qualities apply in a number of ways to Frankenstein's monster (Rory Kinnear), who named himself John Clare, after the poet. Victor's second creation, Clare came into the world all alone, and he has a lot of hatred and anger towards Victor for the circumstances of his (re)birth. Disgusted with the monstrosity he had created, Victor abandoned John Clare and left him out in the cold, harsh world with no tools to survive.

Clare's defining quality is his loneliness. He wants more than anything to have a partner in life, someone who won't see him as a monster. This is, of course, why Victor creates Lily. Though he can be violent and aggressive at times, all John Clare wants is for people to accept him and for someone to see him for who he really is. As Libras often do, John Clare hates being alone, and he will do anything to feel connected to another person.

Scorpio: Evelyn Poole

We hate to do this, but it has to be done. The character on "Penny Dreadful" who most aligns with the sign of Scorpio is one of the most despicable in the whole series. Though she poses as a medium in polite society, showing off her skills at parties and seances, Evelyn Poole (Helen McRory) is more powerful than she initially seems. Having pledged herself to the devil many years ago, Evelyn now does his bidding, hungry for power and the promise of immortal beauty.

Born between October 23 and November 21, Scorpios are intuitive water signs represented as alchemists. They are calculating, cunning, mysterious individuals who tend to know more than they let on. They are perceptive and intense, drawn towards control and driven by ambition. Scorpios who give in to their darker side can be jealous and violent, using manipulation to get what they want.

All of these qualities align with Evelyn's behavior. Though perhaps she wasn't always evil — at one point she was part of a coven with her sister, Joan Clayton — her desire for power outweighed any goodness that existed within her. One of the things that makes Evelyn so dangerous is her understanding of the human psyche and the accompanying ability to manipulate others based on their desires — something Scorpios are more skilled at than most. Though Vanessa's faith in God eventually outlasts Evelyn's devotion to the devil, it was a close call there at the end.

Sagittarius: Catriona Hartdegen

Born between November 22 and December 21, Sagittarians are the travelers of the zodiac. Symbolized by the archer and represented by the archetype of the philosopher, those born under this sign are on a quest for knowledge. Restless, funny, and spontaneous, Sagittarians are always searching for truth. They tend to resist rules and regulations, instead marching to the beat of their own drum. Friendly and generous, they are devoted to self-improvement and aren't afraid to stand out.

It's clear who the Sagittarian on "Penny Dreadful" is, even if we don't really know all that much about her. When we meet Catriona Hartdegen (Perdita Weeks), she's annihilating a man in a fencing match. Vanessa has sought her out because she is a thanatologist, which means she studies death. In addition to her academic exploits, she loves physical ones as well, as illustrated by her impressive sword skills.

Catriona seems to be a woman always searching for more and striving to reach greater heights. Though she's a female in late 19th century England, she doesn't let her supposed "place" in society stop her from achieving goals. It's clear that she's fearless and not afraid to buck social conventions, an attitude Sagittarians, in particular, are known for. Not content to be different simply because of her profession and hobbies, she also makes her individuality known through her fashion sense, as we often see her wearing men's clothing. We only wish we'd gotten to know more about Catriona, as she would have made a great member of the team.

Capricorn: Joan Clayton

Capricorns (those born between December 22 and January 19) are grounded, practical earth signs known as the leaders of the zodiac. Those born under this sign tend to be responsible, disciplined, and have a ton of self-control. They often come off as serious or even standoffish, and tend to take a while to warm up to people. Realistic and resilient, Capricorns have a strong connection to duty and don't let anything — even their own emotions — get in the way of achieving success.

It makes sense that Joan Clayton — a centuries-old witch who has resided on the same land for hundreds of years — would be an earth sign. Above all else, Joan is motivated by the knowledge that her land is her own, and she will do anything to defend it. Joan is a powerful daywalker who refused to be seduced by the devil like her sister and the rest of the witches in her coven. For this, she was labeled a traitor, and has refused to move from her spot of land ever since.

Joan is an imposing woman and is not particularly friendly, though she does become a very important mentor to the despondent Vanessa Ives. Tough, exacting, and somewhat brutish in her behavior and appearance, Joan doesn't care about anything besides keeping the darkness at bay. Though she might not be someone you would want to go get drinks with, Joan is incredibly powerful and determined, and is exactly what Vanessa needed when she found her.

Aquarius: Victor Frankenstein

Victor Frankenstein (Harry Treadaway) is a complicated figure. While he initially comes off as gentle and harmless, he also has the capacity to create great pain and destruction through his scientific experiments. Victor is something of a paradox. He loves poetry and often appears very sensitive, but he's also able to behave in a terribly calculating way and has the uncanny ability to turn off his emotions and perform the tasks at hand in a coolly clinical manner. He wants to change the course of mankind through his scientific achievements, but also doesn't really seem to understand his fellow human beings on an individual level.

Because of these contradictions, the sign that Victor most closely aligns with is the sign of Aquarius, which applies to those born between January 20 and February 18. Aquarians are known as the humanitarians of the zodiac, and they are air signs capable of spending lots of time lost in their own minds. Independent and progressive, Aquarians have big ideas about how to make the world better. At the same time, they tend to be more interested in thinking about mankind on a macro scale rather than a micro one, and for this reason, are more likely than the other signs to be found on the fringes of society.

Victor exemplifies this dichotomy perfectly. He wants to change the world, but he also doesn't really participate in the world very much, nor is he able to connect with other people on an individual level. This actually becomes dangerous because there's no one to pull him back from oblivion.

Pisces: Vanessa Ives

Vanessa Ives, quite simply, is the reason "Penny Dreadful" exists. She exemplifies everything the show is about: the battle between light and dark, the meaning of faith, and the struggle to tame one's inner demons. Vanessa may be the most powerful character in the whole series, but her power is also a danger to herself. Vanessa is a psychic hopelessly in tune with the mystical world and the dark forces therein. She is incredibly sensitive and intuitive, and always seems to be on the brink of crossing over to somewhere from which she might never return.

There's no other sign Vanessa could be except Pisces. Born between February 19 and March 20, they are known as the dreamers of the zodiac. Pisces is the most intuitive of the signs, and they frequently find themselves divided between fantasy and reality. Empathetic, imaginative, and mystical, they tend to lack boundaries and are prone to daydreaming.

This idea of boundaries is what defines Vanessa as a character. She is constantly on the border between light and dark, always torn between fighting her connection to the spiritual and simply giving in to its overwhelming allure. As someone who sees and feels everything around her, there's nothing Vanessa wants more than to be seen and loved herself, something only Ethan seems able to satisfy. But, because the boundaries between these worlds are so porous for Vanessa, she has trouble trusting herself and blossoming into her true power. As Vanessa so clearly illustrates, it can be hard to be in tune with the universe.