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Paul Bettany Says He'll Return As Vision In Avengers 4

While Avengers: Infinity War will bring some darkness to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it sounds like Vision will survive long enough to be in Avengers 4.

Paul Bettany recently confirmed to Collider that he's filming scenes for the follow-up to Infinity War, and he can't get over the size and scope of the movies.

"It felt like the biggest movie that I've ever made and will ever make, and we've still got to make the [next] one," he said. "It's f***ing crazy! I would come in, often at dawn because of the length of my make-up, and there would just be all of these twinkling lights. It looked like a town, but it wasn't. It was where all of the trailers were. It was just massive. It's massive! The call sheets are bananas. When you see the list of cast members, you're like, 'How is anybody else making a film in Hollywood, this year? How are they getting films financed? Everybody is in this!'"

But of all the MCU heroes in the ensemble flicks, Vision might be in the most danger. He came to life thanks to the Mind gem embedded in his forehead, and Thanos (Josh Brolin) will need it to complete the Infinity Gauntlet. Bettany previously told Good Morning America that the character could possibly function without it, it's not clear what effect it would have on him. 

Avengers 4 is set to arrive May 3, 2019. But before that, Infinity War will hit theaters on May 4, 2018. Check out all of the superheroes that will be featured and find out why it will be different than other comic book movies.