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What Is The Overvoid On Moon Knight?

Contains spoilers for "Moon Knight" Episode 3

"Moon Knight" keeps getting wilder by the week, and Episode 3 takes the Disney+ MCU show to Egypt, where Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) works to release the power of Ammut. In an effort to stop his former avatar, Khonshu (voiced by F. Murray Abraham) deploys a sky-changing desperation tactic that grants him an audience with the other gods. During the meeting of the gods inside the Great Pyramid, Khonshu immediately establishes himself as a vastly more melodramatic figure than his more restrained kin, as he delivers his message to the pantheon by bellowing it through his avatar while Oscar Isaac contorts his body and face in ways that would cause a lesser actor to enter the list of most overacted moments in history.

Most of the meeting goes roughly as well as you'd expect from an attempt for divine intervention so relatively early in the show. Khonshu's not exactly the most popular kid in the Ennead, so most of the other gods treat him with contempt, and after they summon Harrow, he's quick to affirm their opinion that the moon god is extremely unreliable. However, apart from introducing the viewer to some of the power players in Khonshu's pantheon, the meeting offers an interesting bit of lore, as the moon god demands that the others "return from the opulence of the Overvoid before you lose this realm." What is this Overvoid, and how could it factor in the events of the MCU?

The Overvoid may be the MCU version of the Celestial Heliopolis

Curiously enough, there's no direct counterpart to the Overvoid in the Marvel comics, though there are certain planes of existence that the MCU Khonshu could be alluding to. In writer Jeff Lemire and illustrator Greg Smallwood's "Moon Knight: Lunatic," the moon god describes a place called Othervoid — a mysterious, barren dimension that serves as both the homeworld of and the prison for what you know as the old Egyptian gods. However, since their MCU counterparts don't seem particularly imprisoned and Khonshu makes the Overvoid seem like a pretty cool place, it seems more likely that he's actually referring to the MCU version of Celestial Heliopolis, a pyramid-shaped paradise city that's essentially this pantheon's version of Asgard. 

"Moon Knight" has already gone to some pretty wild places, and with the concept of the Overvoid now on the table, there's always a chance that the remaining episodes will explore the concept further. Who knows? Maybe Marc Spector even gets to visit.