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The Worst Thing Kelly Kapoor Ever Did On The Office

Kelly Kapoor has a wild ride through "The Office." She starts as a quiet, buttoned-up professional in Season 1, who is rightly offended by Michael Scott's offensive racist behavior. By Season 2, though, we start to see an evolution that sees Miss Kapoor's character go to ever-greater extremes as the seasons go by. Over time, we see Kelly become the office gossip. She's obsessed with reality television. She craves infinite attention and is both highly distractable and irresponsible when it comes to doing her job. At one point, she even frames Jim and Dwight with bad customer reviews just because she's upset with them.

It's in the relationship department, though, that Kelly sinks to her lowest points. She goes after men like Darryl and Charles Miner with reckless abandon. She also lies about being pregnant, gets married and divorced on a whim, and is slavishly addicted to her most destructive connection of all — her relationship with Ryan.

In fact, it's Kelly's addictive tendency toward romance with the intractable Ryan Howard that takes center stage when many of Kelly's "worst moments" come to mind. She breaks up with Darryl through text message. Why? Because of Ryan. She ignores her parent's wishes — again, because of Ryan. She lets her bank account bottom out because of her on-again, off-again partner's spending habits. Ryan. Ryan. Ryan.

Without a doubt, Kelly's lowest moments come through her inability to ignore her bewildering attraction to Ryan Howard. By and large, though, most of these issues directly impact Kelly more than anyone else. There's one point, though, at the very end of the series, where Kelly stoops to a level so low it seriously hurts multiple people and can officially be labeled as the absolute worst thing that she ever does.

Kelly runs off with Ryan

Dating Ryan is never a cakewalk, and for that alone, we need to give Kelly a bit of a break. Every time we see her pulling her hair out in frustration at Ryan's antics make sense when you think of the Ryan half of the equation. Fortunately, toward the end of Season 8, we find out that Kelly has finally started to grow up and have some more maturity in her choice of men. She hooks up with Pam and Jim's pediatrician, Ravi, and the cute couple stick together through all of the ups and downs of the last season ... until the last few minutes.

At Dwight and Angela's wedding, Kelly and Ravi are as happy as ever. Then Ryan appears carrying a baby — his infant son, Drake. Toward the end, Ryan gives his son a strawberry, purposefully inducing an allergic reaction so that he can talk to his ex. Kelly totally backslides into her Ryan addiction in seconds, and she agrees to run off into the sunset with him so that they can finally master commitment and "start a new life together."

This sudden break-up with Ravi is wrong for so many reasons. First, Kelly thinks it's romantic that Ryan gave his kid a serious allergic reaction. Second, Kelly ditches a serious, committed relationship for one that's clearly abusive. Third, she runs off knowing that Ryan is leaving his own son behind.

Everyone knows that Ryan is the scum of the earth at this point, but our hopes for Kelly were so much higher once she stabilized with Ravi. She does a lot of questionable things over her time at Dunder Mifflin, but this last "romantic" act is doubtless one of the most short-sighted, selfish, and destructive things of them all.