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The Best Season Of The Good Place According To IMDb

Created by Michael Schur, "The Good Place" is a series that will have you laughing until your face hurts one minute and pondering the nature of your very existence the next. The show stars "Veronica Mars" actress Kristen Bell as Eleanor Shellstrop, a recently deceased woman who finds herself mistakenly allocated to The Good Place, a utopian afterlife. While her life on Earth was riddled with apathy and poor choices, Eleanor is determined to become a better version of herself. 

The show is a masterclass in ethics and philosophy. "The Good Place" provides viewers with a crash course in morality, and different schools of thought, which is more extensive than most college courses. Abstract ethical dilemmas like the famous trolley problem come to life on screen, forcing fans to examine their own sense of virtue. "The Good Place" is not only educational but incredibly unique, with the theoretical nature of the show's plot allowing for a level of creative freedom that proves downright hilarious.

"The Good Places" took some wacky twists and turns over the course of its four-season run, with the main characters grappling with issues like identity, self-fulfillment, the fundamental nature of good versus evil, and what it really means to be a good person. Even though choosing the best season of "The Good Place" is almost harder than ranking the show's best episodes, there is a clear winner. 

Season 1 of The Good Place stands out

According to IMDb, the best season of "The Good Place" is the first, with a rating of 92%. Season 1 struck a chord with viewers, partially because of the shocking twist that left fans reeling. 

It's rare for a series to pull off a true plot twist, one that leaves the audience on the edge of their seats in shock. That's exactly what "The Good Place" did with the first season finale, titled "Michael's Gambit." When The Bad Place realizes Eleanor's deception, she has an epiphany: they're already in The Bad Place! This reveal is a huge surprise, for fans and characters alike, and the episode provides the perfect setup for Season 2. 

Season 1 also does an impeccable job of introducing the characters and their backstories. It's not their flaws, but their willingness to try harder that makes them so endearing. Along the way, there are a myriad of awesome moments that make Season 1 of "The Good Place" stand above the rest, like the gang's visit to Mindy St. Claire in The Medium Place, and learning about Jason's (Manny Jacinto) past as a DJ in Florida.

While Season 1 is undeniably great, fans might be surprised to learn that Season 3 is the one people view as the show's weakest. In all fairness, "The Good Place" was always intended to last for just four seasons (per TV Line), so even if one season fell short of fan expectations, it doesn't diminish the heartwarming message at the show's core.