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The Futurama Moment On Mars That Fans Are Still Discussing

"Futurama" is a show that continues to stand the test of time. For the past 23 years, it has captured the hearts of fans around the world. With the recent announcement that, almost 10 years after it last aired, "Futurama" is returning for a new 20-episode season on the streaming platform, Hulu, it is no surprise that people are still talking about the series' classic episodes. There are many memorable moments, like the heartbreaking episode "Jurassic Bark," and the ever-infamous snu snu, but there are some moments that fans are still discovering — or rediscovering — even after all of these years.

The straight-to-DVD film, "Into the Wild Green Yonder," was the series finale movie that was made when Fox canceled "Futurama" — before the show was picked up again by Comedy Central, saving it from an untimely demise. The film was a way to make sure that any loose ends might have been a bit tidier and to give the fans one last hurrah, and it did come with a notable moment that fans continue to discuss to this day.

Did the Martians get ripped off?

During "Into the Wild Green Yonder," there is a moment in the caves, known as the Martian Reserves, that references an earlier episode of the series. Fry (voiced by Billy West) is taken down to the caves by the secret society known as the Legion of Mad Fellows. In this scene, there is a cave drawing on the wall that shows Kif (Maurice LaMarche), Bender (John DiMaggio), and Amy (Lauren Tom) standing underneath the diamond that was used as trade by the Wong family for the Martians' land. This cave drawing was noticed by a fan, Tajackson101, who shared their discovery with the Reddit community, saying, "Into the Wild Green Yonder shows the trade the Martians had."

Another Futurama fan and Reddit commenter, ShaggysGTI, noticed the similarities between the two caves, stating, "That's the same cave from the earlier episodes." They were referencing the episode "Where the Buggalo Roam," where Amy is kidnapped by the Martians because they believe that the Wong family ripped them off by trading them a simple bead for their planet, Mars. This "simple bead" is actually a giant diamond. The Martians do not realize this until Leela (Katey Sagal) mentions how valuable the diamond must be, but that may not be the case after all. Reddit user Chromattix wrote, "Considering how common diamonds are in the universe – the Martians still got ripped off." If this statement is true, the Martians' kidnapping of Amy would be justified by their logic.

Attention to detail at its finest

The attention to detail in "Futurama" and how much each episode connects to the larger story is an impressive feat for a show that ran for seven seasons with multiple cancellations, but this could be one key reason why it is such a fan favorite. Having a cohesive story and tying back to old episodes keeps fans on their toes. 

These callbacks also add a different level to how rewatchable "Futurama" is. It gives fans a reason to go back and find the different things added to the episodes and to see where the ties lead to in the future episodes. The clever Easter eggs and small details that are present in nearly every episode show how much care went into creating this show. It is exciting to see what happens in the new season of "Futurama" and to follow along with what's next for the characters.