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Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Gets An Honest Trailer

Get ready to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in a new way. The Marvel flick recently got the Honest Trailer treatment thanks to Screen Junkies, and there are definitely some good points made in the hilarious video.

"From Marvel and James Gunn, the director and studio who surprised everyone with Guardians of the Galaxy, comes a cool looking, super fun, laugh out loud, but ultimately kind of forgettable sequel," the Honest Trailer begins, before hedging and pointing out that it's still better than a lot of Marvel's sequel attempts. (Aside from Captain America: Winter Soldier, of course.) 

"Blast off again with Marvel's space Avengers, a team of misfits who learned how to work together in their first movie, then turned back into a-holes so they could learn it all over again," it continues, before pointing out that in this "playful action comedy," the heroes never really get hurt, the danger never really feels that imminent, and the jokes, while they don't fall flat, aren't quite as funny as the characters think they are.

"Prepare for an episode of My Two Dads in Space in a film that's so high on friends being your real family, you'll swear you're watching a Fast and Furious movie," the trailer says. It describes Dad 1, or Kurt Russell's Ego the Living Planet, as a "grounded and relatable" character– that is, until he goes "full Marvel villain" with his wild plan to rule the universe. Dad 2, meanwhile, is Michael Rooker's Yondu, who gets the most tragic Marvel death ever by default. 

"So get ready for a great time at the theater as they bring back everything you loved about the first movie," it concludes. "From the music, the slow-mo walks, and the insane visuals, to the things you didn't think would come back, like the laughing at the dumb name bit, Rocket having someone steal a fake body part for him, and undercutting most of the dramatic moments with jokes, even during the emotional climax of the film." 

The Honest Trailer makes some fair points, but we still can't wait to rewatch the movie over and over and over again. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is available on digital now; if you've already seen the film, get some hints on what to expect in the team's next outing by seeing a breakdown of the movie's post-credits scenes.