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Why Some Fans Are Concerned About My Hero Academia Season 6

Season 5 of the hit anime series "My Hero Academia" wrapped up last fall, but fans are already speculating about Season 6. They will have to patiently wait until October of this year before Season 6 premieres, but fans are surely in for a ride, judging by how things left off (via Funimation).

Season 5 sees Class 1-A in their work-study programs working alongside Japan's pro heroes. The series protagonist, Izuku Midoriya (a.k.a. Deku), teams up with his classmates Shoto Todoroki and Katsuki Bakugo to learn from Japan's currently-ranked No. 1 hero, Endeavor, at his hero agency. Meanwhile, the League of Villains and its leader Tomura Shigaraki are tasked with defeating Gigantomachia. Eventually, the League defeats the enormous villain, and Tomura joins forces with the Meta Liberation Army to form the Paranormal Liberation front. This has some "MHA" fans pretty worried heading into Season 6 since Tomura has suddenly become much more powerful.

Additionally, fans are worried about Season 6 for another reason, and it has nothing to do with the anime's upcoming storyline.

Fans are worried about the animation quality of Season 6

As Season 6 is gearing up for release, "My Hero Academia" fans are starting to get nervous, and it all has to do with the show's animation style. Since Season 1, the studio Bones has been at the helm of bringing the manga to life on screen (via Anime News Network). Although the series has been relatively well-received so far, fans are now concerned Season 6's animation won't be up to par.

In a Reddit thread, u/Otherwise_Egg_1756 wrote they're concerned about Bones' adaptation of the manga moving forward. They wrote, "Recently, the animation quality has seemed to have dropped from previous seasons," and pointed to some "awkward shots" and one scene's use of a single frame. Additionally, the user argued there was a difference in quality during the opening credits of Season 5 (a.k.a. "OPs").

Other users were quick to agree, like u/naul119 who wrote, "They really need to stop making movies along with the seasons. The quality drop is visible [in] the episodes and the openings." Meanwhile, u/Fedexhand pointed out the anime's recent opening credits and added, "the OPs are getting more and more mediocre, to the point where I assume that Bones no longer cares much or does not seem important to them." Another user named u/DPTONY commented, "Season 6 has a lot of moments I liked in the manga, if they screw up their animation I'm gonna get mad."

Unfortunately, fans have to wait until October to see how the animation measures up in Season 6.