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Why The Number 16 Is So Important In Young Justice

When it comes to discussions of DC properties, most people's first thoughts likely turn to live-action films. After years of hit-and-miss projects, things finally seem to be on the right track in the DC movie universe, with "Zack Snyder's Justice League," "The Suicide Squad," and "The Batman" getting fans extremely excited for what kind of stories can be told in this medium. However, some DC fans have been able to enjoy one of the best DC adaptations of all time on a smaller screen, courtesy of "Young Justice." 

The superhero show got its start on Cartoon Network before being canceled and revived, where it now debuts new episodes exclusively on HBO Max. "Young Justice" follows a team of younger heroes, many of whom started as sidekicks to Justice League members, who go on secretive covert missions to stop supervillains from carrying out plans of world domination. 

Eagle-eyed fans are bound to notice ample references to the comics, as the series isn't afraid to get exceptionally weird with its deep cuts. However, there's one other reference some viewers have pointed out. The number "16" comes up repeatedly in the show, and once you're aware of its presence, you won't be able to avoid seeing it.

The number 16 comes up in every Young Justice episode

"16" is so prevalent in "Young Justice" that it has its own Wiki page dedicated to it. Some of the references are pretty straightforward, such as much of the main team being 16 years old when they're first introduced in the show's first season. Additionally, the Justice League has 16 members at first, with Red Tornado being the 16th member. Not only that, but the events of this series take place on Earth-16 within the multiverse.

The deeper you dig, the more obscure "16" references you'll come across. For example, when you look at the timestamps that frequently appear on the screen when a new location is presented, the number "16" is usually present in some way. And even as recently as Season 4's "Odnu!," the narration states that the universe is 16 billion years old. 

So what's going on? What's with the obsession over a seemingly random number? 

There doesn't appear to be much in the way of greater significance over "16." The most likely explanation is that it's meant to be a fun Easter egg for fans to latch onto, which they most certainly have. There are complete Reddit threads of people pondering the meaning of "16," and with more "Young Justice" on the horizon, there are bound to be plenty more "16" drops to come.