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The Young Justice Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Astrology feeds humanity's desire to categorize and understand huge swaths of people. Some folks are bold leaders, while others are nurturing homebodies, but if you look to the stars, you'll always know who you're dealing with. Astrology is also useful as a tool for thinking about yourself and your choices. This sort of celestial introspection doesn't determine your fate — rather, it helps you understand who you are, where you've been, and where you might go.

"Young Justice" might not seem like a natural fit for astrology, but in fact, its heroes slot neatly into the astral archetypes. Many of the show's eager warriors start their careers as sidekicks to the big guns of the Justice League. They proceed to go through profound transformations, based on trauma, personal growth, and the opportunities presented to them. Astrology illuminates these journeys, no matter what turns they've taken — and they might just help you understand your own path. Let's explore which "Young Justice" character you are, based on your zodiac sign. 

Aries: Superboy

Aries is bold fire sign. To some, the ram is known as "the warrior," because they value direct action and pursue it passionately. Aries folks are competitive, stubborn, and prone to anger, though they rarely hold a grudge. They also have a keen sense of what they want and the will to pursue it. Aries are further distinguished by their bravery, which feeds into their tendency to act as leaders: They believe in what they do, and will assume control if necessary. The worst fate for an Aries is boredom — they will do anything to avoid it. 

Conner Kent, aka Superboy, is the blustery battering ram of "Young Justice." A mainstay of the main team, Conner begins life as a clone of both Lex Luthor and Superman. Understandably, he starts off sullen and angry — especially since Superman doesn't quite know how to relate to him, which makes Conner feel rejected. But eventually, Conner becomes a true leader, and a paragon of Aries' active personality. Conner constantly challenges himself to step up as a mentor for younger heroes, and as a replacement for Superman when he's away. He also embodies this sign's bold moral sense, even breaking off a relationship with Miss Martian when she starts using her telepathy to get information from enemies.

Taurus: Vandal Savage

Taurus is a famously sensual sign. To be sure, they enjoy material pleasures, but they aren't lazy hedonists. Rather, Taurus understand the value of luxury and how hard one must work to attain the finer things in life. Those born under the sign of the bull are also incredibly stubborn: They usually believe their way is the best and only way to do things. Once a Taurus has decided on a course of action, it's difficult to convince them to choose another. However, they aren't fools. They take their time determining the most practical choice, not the most sentimental or idealistic one. 

The most obvious choice for Taurus in "Young Justice" is one of the heroes' greatest enemies: Vandal Savage. This immortal being has lived through thousands of years, always looking to strengthen and evolve humanity using ruthless methods. He embodies Taurus' careful, unswerving skill in redirecting Klarion the Witch Boy's path of destruction to create a new race of adaptive, magical super-beings. His alliance with Darkseid is also full of Taurean patience: Savage knows that the master of Apokolips will eventually turn on him, but he has a plan to handle it — one he's been following for eons. In order for humanity to survive and evolve, he has made brutally tough choices. He has mourned, but he hasn't changed his path. Talk about bull-headed.

Gemini: Kid Flash

Gemini is the quick-witted motormouth of the zodiac. A Gemini can talk to anyone about anything, which makes them especially fun at parties: These extroverts thrive off holding court and sharing quips. People naturally flock to them because of their charisma, but they don't make good leaders — Geminis struggle to follow through on plans. In fact, a typical Gemini juggles multiple projects at once, and can have trouble focusing on just one. That's especially true if there are people around to talk to and laugh with. Though they're usually extremely intelligent, their brain flits from idea to idea, which can lead to some truly hairbrained schemes. The good news is, they can usually talk their way out of trouble!

Kid Flash, aka Wally West, is the "Young Justice" team's resident Gemini. Like most speedsters, his mouth moves almost as fast as his feet. Though this occasionally annoys his teammates, his light-hearted antics provide much-needed comic relief, especially given the angst Robin, Aqualad, and Superboy supply. Like most Geminis, Kid Flash is also a notorious flirt: He comes onto Miss Martian when she joins the team, and later flirts with ... well, pretty much everyone. He eventually settles down with Artemis, and even quits vigilantism to go to college. But he still keeps in touch with the team — relationships are crucial for a Gemini, after all.

Cancer: Speedy

Cancer is the homebody of the zodiac, known for being loyal, protective, and emotional. They excel at establishing a comfortable and safe environment for themselves and their loved ones. Cancer folks will do anything to protect those close to them, and are eager to help them with their problems. However, this can make them overbearing and stuck in their ways — Cancer is very much a creature of routine. That said, their ability to heal and nurture others is remarkable, and impressively sustainable: Even at their moodiest, this sign will always help you out when you need it most. 

In "Young Justice," Speedy, aka Will Harper, is a classic Cancer. The adopted son of Green Arrow, he chafes against the Justice League's patronizing treatment to the point that he initially refuses to join the team. But ultimately, he's talked into joining out of a very Cancerian sense of duty to his friends. His devotion doesn't end  there: When he learns he's fathered a child with the villainous Cheshire, he retires from superheroics in order to raise her. Living with Artemis and her mother, Speedy builds a protective, loving home for his daughter, Lian. The same fierce focus he used to give to archery is put towards keeping his daughter safe and happy, creating a routine for her, and otherwise constructing as normal a life as possible. 

Leo: Beast Boy

Leo is the performer of the zodiac, known far and wide for their big personality. Though they do demand a lot of attention, they also pump a great deal of creative energy into those around them. So it goes with Leo's unique mix of vanity and warmth: They want to be a star, but they also want everyone else to be their co-star in the big show we call life. As a result, those born under the sign of the lion are great to work with — they have so many ideas and so much love bouncing around inside them that they will inevitably create something interesting. It also helps that being good isn't good enough for a Leo. They want to be great, and they are loyal and generous to those they trust to help them get there.

Bouncy, ebullient Beast Boy is the Leo of "Young Justice." He doesn't just inspire those around him with his Leonine energy — he's also a professional actor, following in the footsteps of his mother, Marie. Beast Boy stars as Lt. Tork in "Space Trek 3016, " a "Star Trek"-esque show which nets him international fame. He uses this visibility to launch the Outsiders, a team of young heroes who fight anti-metahuman sentiment by doing good deeds. Beast Boy's classically Leo charm, extroversion, and genuine belief in those around him inspire the heroes he works with and the public who keeps an eye on his acts of derring-do.

Virgo: Oracle

Virgo likes to tell people what to do, but they do so out of a desire to make their lives better. Though this can be annoying, they're so perceptive that they're almost always right. Unlike the other intellectual signs of the zodiac, Virgo is less interested in the theoretical than the practical. They have a way of approaching problems from a common-sense perspective, which allows them to cut through noise. This makes them flexible and adaptable to evolving situations, especially ones that are high-stakes. Of course, thinking they're right all the time also makes them judgmental and a tad pushy. You can always bet Virgos will offer advice, even when it wasn't requested.

There's no one in "Young Justice" who embodies these traits more than Oracle. The former Batgirl, Barbara Gordon assumes her Oracle identity after losing mobility in her legs. Oracle spends her time trying to help Orphan, just as used to spend her time as a loving guide to the troubled cast-offs who came to the attention of Robin and the team. She's an incredibly effective data-gatherer, and leads missions virtually for everyone from Batman's crew to the Justice League. Ever the Virgo, she has little patience for backtalk from any of those she leads. Though this might irritate them, they're smart to listen to her, as she's usually right. 

Libra: Miss Martian

Libra is the balance-seeker of the zodiac. They hate conflict and are adept at smoothing over others' fights. This skill is intertwined with their deep need to connect with others: Libras always see themselves as part of something bigger. They're uniquely capable of seeing all sides of an issue because of this, which makes them natural mediators. When they're forced to be alone, Libras tend to be indulgent daydreamers prone to self-pity. On their worst days, they also have a hard time making decisions for themselves.

Miss Martian, aka M'gann M'orzz, is very much a Libra. The Martian telepath is Martian Manhunter's niece, and shares his love of Earth. Indeed, she even takes her persona from the cheesy TV show Beast Boy's mother starred in. From the very beginning, she serves as a buffer between her teammates, and is one of the first to truly understand Superboy. Her telepathy furthers her Libran traits, allowing her to bond quickly with others. Every relationship is vitally important to her — so much so, in fact, that her desire to preserve them leads to her darkest moments. When Superboy is angry with her over her invasive use of psychic abilities, she so fears losing him that she tries to erase his anger. Happily, she realizes the error of her ways, and they are eventually engaged. 

Scorpio: Terra

Scorpio is the most mysterious and enigmatic member of the zodiac. These folks are highly charismatic, but they keep people at arm's length. The apparent contradictions don't end there: Scorpios are also in touch with their feelings, yet disinclined to share them with others. Scorpios like to keep secrets, in part because they are the sign most likely to engage in extended transformations. Engaging with those changes is not something they care to do with others, at least until they feel that their journey is complete. They are ambitious, and see their path as something that will improve themselves and lead to new goals. Their secrecy can sometimes lead to betrayal, but they're often so charismatic, people will allow the scorpion to sting them anyway.

Terra is a classic Scorpio. A princess of Markovia, she's rescued by Beast Boy's Outsiders, a team she ends up joining. However, she conceals a terrible secret: She's also a member of the League of Shadows, and has been sent by Deathstroke to infiltrate the good guys. When the time is right, Terra is supposed to publicly betray them. Though she feeds Deathstroke information on every one of their missions, she ultimately can't bring herself to stab her new friends in the back — especially when Tigress points out the kindness the Outsiders have shown her, which stands in contrast to Deathstroke's manipulation. Her Scorpio-esque transformation complete, she joins the team for real.

Sagittarius: Artemis

Sagittarius is the sharp-eyed philosopher of the zodiac. They're not shy bookworms, however: These optimistic folks are born explorers, who love talking to a wide variety of people in order to figure out what makes them tick. They're extremely friendly and fun, but also prone to self-centeredness — Sagittarius often fails to think of others' feelings before they speak. While those barbs may land, they're rarely deployed in a mean-spirited way. Sagittarius is further distinguished by their high intelligence and curiosity. It's sometimes hard for them to focus on something for an extended period of time, but they're always eager to expand their knowledge of the universe in a variety of ways.

Naturally, the Sagittarius of "Young Justice" is an archer. Artemis, also known as Tigress, fits this sign perfectly. Daughter of the villainous Sportsmaster, who trained her to be a killer, her time on the team is her first encounter with people who truly accept her for who she is. While she can be unforgivingly blunt, her directness attracts Kid Flash, and they grow into a couple that loves a bit of verbal sparring. They eventually quit the hero biz to become college students. Artemis' curiosity continues to grow when she becomes a professor — a perfect role for someone who is both a know-it-all and eternally seeking out that which she does not yet know.

Capricorn: Robin

Capricorn is the stubborn leader of the zodiac. They aren't leaders out of vanity or a need for power — rather, they simply see a job that needs to be done and they do it. They are responsible, practical, and frequently mature beyond their years, but also prone to stubbornness. Though this can be challenging, it also means they're patient with regard to long-range plans, and willing to put in the work necessary for success. Capricorn can sometimes be a bit too single-minded, which distances them from their own emotions. Being driven by duty above all else doesn't leave much time for introspection.

No one embodies these traits more than Robin, aka Dick Grayson, who eventually goes by Nightwing. Wise beyond his years thanks to his training with Batman and his desire to avenge his parents, Robin is an eager rule-follower with a rigorous work ethic. Paired with his peers, he wants to avoid seeming bossy when Aqualad is appointed team leader. But after a while, everyone knows that Robin is the team's natural boss: He's the best tactician, a fierce fighter, and he rises to the occasion in those moments when someone needs to get everyone on the same page. Despite having no powers of his own, his Capricorn work ethic makes him a formidable force.

Aquarius: Zatanna

Aquarius is the quirky, anachronistic outsider of the zodiac. These folks are deeply concerned with humanity — however, they're not so sure about individual people. While they do care for others, they're detached from their emotions and prefer to think about people conceptually, rather than create and maintain close relationships. They are also deeply mystical people, and seek out arcane knowledge for its own sake. All of this means they don't fit in with society as a whole — but they're okay with that, especially since they value their independence above all else. 

No one on "Young Justice" is more of an Aquarius than Zatanna. It's not just that she's a magician, though that certainly helps — it's that Zatanna is outright obsessed with the forces of order and chaos. There's a personal reason for this: Her father Zatara the current host of Nabu, the Lord of Order better known as Dr. Fate. But Zatanna's devotion to knowledge and mastery of magic goes beyond her bond with her father. She puts together a group of apprentice mystics to help them master their powers, but secretly uses them for a greater goal: creating a rotation of hosts for Dr. Fate, including herself. The more powerful she grows as a sorcerer, the more removed she becomes from individual relationships. This makes her a dyed-in-the-wool Aquarius, and, perhaps, a little bit lonely.

Pisces: Aqualad

Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac. It is also the most romantic sign, especially in terms of what Pisceans think is possible: Pisces dreams big and often. These folks are intuitive, emotional, sensitive, and generous to a fault, sometimes giving too much of themselves in service of their loved ones. They're also prone to fantasy, and run the constant risk of living too much in their own heads. However, Pisces' rich fantasy life makes them highly creative, which has a variety of uses in the real world.

Aqualad, aka Kaldur'ahm, who eventually takes on the mantle of Aquaman, is the Pisces of "Young Justice." A warm and generous friend, he's not only intensely loyal to his teammates, he has an impressively deep relationship with his boyfriend Wyynde. Though Aqualad is the team's first leader, he ultimately gives the position to Robin, boldly saying it's Robin's destiny to lead. He proceeds to risk everything to be Robin's mole in the Light, making his way in as the son of Black Manta. His Piscean creativity allows him to fully inhabit this role, and accept the risk on behalf of others. Always thinking of the future, Aqualad can sometimes get a little detached from reality, to the point that he doesn't always understand the consequences of his actions. However, as a classic Pisces, his rich emotions always bring him back down to Earth.