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The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 13 Scene Fans Thought Went Too Far

Season 11, Episode 13 of "The Walking Dead" introduced us to a new community of survivors known as Riverbend — though from the moment we first meet them, it's clear these survivors are wholly outmatched by their counterparts in the Hilltop Colony and the Commonwealth. A flashback shows us how a delegation from the Commonwealth led by Gabriel (Seth Gilliam), Aaron (Rhoss Marquand), and another man named Toby Carlson (Jason Butler Harner) were sent to treat with Riverbend, since the members of Riverbend were reportedly stealing arms and supplies from the Commonwealth's supply chain.

The three meet with the leader of Riverbend, a man named Ian (played by "The Terminator's" Michael Biehn) who has a collection of skulls hanging above his desk as a warning to any who might cross him. After a tense series of negotiations, Aaron and Gabriel manage to form a tentative peace between the Commonwealth and Riverbend –- only for those negotiations to fall apart immediately, thanks to Toby.

The scene in question received an incredibly strong response from fans — many of whom are already calling for Toby's head, despite the fact that this is the first episode he's ever appeared in.

Fans absolutely despise Toby after he killed Ian

While Aaron and Gabriel attempt to negotiate peacefully, Toby suddenly disarms Ian, kills two Riverbend guards, and executes Ian right there in his office. Indeed, this isn't the first time in Season 11 that we've seen peace negotiations turn into a bloody shootout, since we watched Maggie (Lauren Cohan) massacre a group of Reapers back in Episode 9 –- though admittedly, Toby's betrayal is a lot less justifiable.

Fans have swarmed to social media since the episode's premiere to voice their disgust at Toby's actions, and to assert their desire for him to exit the show as quickly as possible. "Can they take out Toby already?" tweeted @IFoundThemRickG. @PatchyBites echoed this sentiment, tweeting, "Can Toby just take a header off this building now, please?"

Others chimed in to assert their fear over just how unstable Toby is, worrying that he may end up taking out some of their most beloved characters. "Toby Carlson is the most dangerous person Aaron has ever come across," tweeted @bigdogXVI."Wow," tweeted @OH_TheHorror, "First, new leader guy went from zero to psycho in record time. Then, Toby here has to raise the bar for insanity and just start shooting everyone."

It's clear that Toby's addition to the show has fans worried about the main cast's future, as he seems to be yet another ruthless survivor who kills others for seemingly no reason.