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The Walking Dead's Ross Marquand Confirms What We Suspected About Negan

Ever since he appeared on the scene to recruit Rick's (Andrew Lincoln) group to the (at the time) safe haven of Alexandria, Aaron (Ross Marquand) has become an integral character in the world of AMC's "The Walking Dead." That world is, of course, one that is in utter shambles, with humanity overwhelmed by ravenous hordes of the hungry undead. However, the walkers are often only a slight threat when compared to the other human survivors. Few people have exemplified that truism throughout the series as much as Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). 

Although he's reformed significantly in recent seasons, viewers were first introduced to Negan when he used a barbed-wire-covered baseball bat to execute two of Aaron's compatriots: Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz). Those two murders have rippled throughout the series. Years have passed in the world of the show and since then, Negan's positive actions have earned him a modicum of trust from some of his former adversaries. However, characters like Aaron and Glenn's wife Maggie (Lauren Cohen) have been unable to look past the rage and apprehension they feel toward the former leader of the Saviors. 

Recently, Marquand had a chance to talk about all things "The Walking Dead," and he commented on the status of Aaron's relationship with Negan, as well as their potential future.

Marquand doesn't think Aaron will ever forgive Negan

While speaking with ComicBook.com about Season 11 of "The Walking Dead," Ross Marquand was asked to give his thoughts about Aaron's relationship with Negan all these years after Negan's brutality against the Alexandrians. When asked if he thinks Aaron will ever be able to truly forgive Negan, Marquand replied, "Yeah. I don't think he can. I mean, I think Aaron and Maggie are very much alike in this regard." Marquand went on the acknowledge that since Negan became integrated into Alexandrian society, Aaron "has more than tolerated" his former nemesis. However, that doesn't mean he will ever actually let Negan in. 

"I'm a big fan of forgiveness, I know Aaron is a big fan of forgiveness as well," Marquand added, "but I think there's just some things like the killing of a loved one, the insane, unnecessary, totally unfathomable and inexcusable killing of a loved one for no other reason than just to intimidate."

That being said, Marquand does see more collaboration in the future for the two characters as, after all, they are currently on the same side fighting off the elements and other adversarial humans. "I do think Aaron has shown ... that [he] can fight alongside him and certainly tolerate him for the greater good," Marquand said. The actor also added that he appreciates that Negan has received somewhat of a redemption arc, which has seen this former warlord turned into a brow-beaten survivor. Ultimately, though, he doesn't think Aaron will entertain the thought of giving Negan a free-pass for the torment he has caused, which will no doubt continue to make for fascinating dynamics in the show's final season.