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Here's Why The Final Costumes Of The Good Place Characters Were So Important

Michael Schur and the creative team behind NBC's wacky philosophical sitcom "The Good Place" took great care from the beginning to craft a rewarding experience for diehard fans. From the twists and turns of Season 1 that culminated in one of the great serialized television cliff-hangers to endless silly running gags, the world (or worlds?) that humans Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell), Chidi Anagonye (William Jackson Harper), Tahani al-Jamil (Jameela Jamil), and Jason Mendoza (Manny Jacinto) populate are intricate, well thought out, and consistently funny for four seasons. Accompanied by immortal demon Michael (Ted Danson) and not quite artificial intelligence, not quite a human Janet (D'Arcy Carden), the main cast journey together far past the initial premise Schur presents audiences in the series pilot, "Everything is Fine."

In 2018, "The Good Place" costume designer Kirston Mann spoke to GQ about the importance of costuming in the series. Mann had previously worked with Schur on his previous comedies "Parks and Recreation" and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," and noted that creating so many custom character outfits from the pilot on out was "the most fun thing that can happen to a costume designer." Tahani, a model and wealthy English socialite during her lifetime on Earth, consistently wears beautiful dresses throughout most episodes of the show. Easter eggs show that Mann and the production's costume team clearly had fun with the character all the way through the finale of "The Good Place."

Tahani's series finale costume choices make callbacks to The Good Place's pilot

In the series finale of "The Good Place," each character spends an unspecified amount of time (at least a few Jeremy Bearimys) in The Good Place after it's proven that Michael's overhauls to the system work effectively. Once each of the series' main heroes decide they are ready to move on from The Good Place in order to give their time spent meaning, Janet leads them to a door that allows them to leave and end their time in the universe. When Tahani decides her time in The Good Place is over, she creates a new goal: she wants to work as a Good Place architect herself. Michael pulls some strings and gets Tahani in as an intern.

As a parting gift, Michael gives Tahani a peacock-themed bowtie; keen viewers will notice it's the same tie that Michael himself wears in the first episode, "Everything is Fine." Michael jokes about "name-dropping" that he knows Tahani to people once she's the star of The Good Place architects, a winking nod to Tahani's negative trait that was responsible for the character landing in The Bad Place under Michael's supervision in the first place. The tie is not the only nod back to the series' first episode at the series' end — when Tahani decides she wants to be an architect at a dinner party, she wears the same bright yellow dress that she wears at a party all the way back in the show's first episode.