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Annabelle: Creation Director Wants To Make A New Nightmare On Elm Street

David F. Sandberg thinks there are more nightmares on Elm Street or possibly elsewhere.

The director of the Conjuring spinoff Annabelle: Creation recently answered a Reddit fan question about dream projects (via ScreenCrush), and Sandberg (also known for Lights Out) said he has a few ideas.

"I've been thinking about what fun franchises New Line has like A Nightmare on Elm Street and Critters," he said. "Might be fun if you took something like that in a different direction from previous installments. Like instead of remaking Nightmare, you do some continuation of it in the same world kind of thing."

Obviously, Sandberg is just spitballing and there's nothing really in the works. He even said so on Twitter: "To be clear, no plans exist. It was a hypothetical reply."

But now that Annabelle: Creation had one of the strongest openings for a horror movie this year, executives might be listening. 

The last installment of A Nightmare on Elm Street came seven years ago in the form of a reboot by Samuel Bayer with Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger. Sandberg is talking about doing something completely different from that, more like an expanded universe than a remake. Maybe there would even be a new villain?

We'll have to wait and see if anything comes of this, but don't be surprised if nothing does. Meanwhile, check out horror movies that will blow everyone away next year.