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Experience The Terrifying Interactive Virtual Reality Trailer For It

Are you ready to float, too?

Ahead of the release of director Andy Muschietti's remake adaptation of Stephen King's It, Warner Bros. released a terrifying and novel new virtual reality trailer for the film to set the mood. And the mood is pretty scary! 

Dubbed FLOAT: A Cinematic VR Experience, the four-minute 3D interactive trailer takes you down into the sewers beneath Derry, Maine, where the evil entity known as Pennywise lurks and lures children to their grisly ends. Thanks to the magic of modern technology, viewers everywhere can now step into the classic story, to experience for themselves what it feels like to suffer a surreal and brutal death at the hands of a sadistic clown. 

An on-rails, first-person experience more like a scary video game than the typical Hollywood trailer, it's a well-made novelty worth checking out regardless of whether or not you're psyched for the arrival of the Losers' Club in cinemas once again.

Starring Bill Skarsgard as the iconic, demonic clown monster, It will be out of the sewers and on screens everywhere Sept. 8. Find out why Skarsgard looks so familiar.