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Todo's Powers In Jujutsu Kaisen Explained

"Jujutsu Kaisen" is an anime full of eccentric figures, though none are quite so odd as Aoi Todo. Not that his appearance would clue you in on his strange mannerisms. Aside from being extremely muscular and sporting a wicked scar over his eye, Todo looks like a fairly normal guy. It's when people actually talk to him that it becomes obvious how much of a weirdo he is, and that's saying something in the world of "Jujutsu Kaisen." Weird may as well be the default. But when it comes to Todo, his style is just a bit unique.

Todo is like an overeager puppy who loves fighting. However, he's also the kind of guy who loves fighting alongside friends, and good brothers-in-arms are hard to come by. Thus, he has a simple test that he gives others. By asking what type of woman someone likes, he can determine whether somebody is either a potential friend or a "boring" person who deserves a merciless beating.

The latter of these two is, of course, less preferable for a number of reasons, mainly that Toto will almost certainly stomp you into the dirt. Despite being a student, Todo is an extremely powerful Jujutsu sorcerer with a sharp mind and versatile abilities. Though, to understand why he is so deadly, Todo's powers need to be explained.

Todo's Boogie Woogie is applause-worthy

Before we get into Todo's actual Jujutsu abilities, it's important to point out that sorcery isn't the first tool in his toolbag. It's more likely that he'll start fights using hisĀ his martial arts skills, which are considerable to say the least (via Jujutsu Kaisen Wiki). During Geto's Night Line Attack, Todo defeated five grade 1 cursed spirits with nothing but his fists. He also defeated a special grade spirit, but was forced to use his innate technique for that. Still, his accomplishments during the event reveal just how adept he is at martial arts, and explains exactly why he's considered a grade 1 sorcerer despite still being in high school.

When he is forced to resort to his sorceries, Todo becomes even more of a powerhouse. He can perform a variety of Jujutsu techniques, including Black Flash (which he teaches to Yuuji), but his bread and butter is definitely his Innate Ability: Boogie Woogie. This ability, which Todo activates by clapping, switches the places of any two things containing cursed energy in a certain radius. This applies to himself, his allies, his enemies, and even cursed objects.

This ability can be used in a variety of ways to traverse the battlefield or mix up the opponent. It's also why Todo enjoys fighting with a partner, as it gives him more ways to use Boogie Woogie in ways that might take the enemy off guard. Though, this requires exceptional teamwork from both parties.

But Boogie Woogie is only as strong as Todo's mind

Though Boogie Woogie is an amazing ability, what really makes Todo dangerous is his mind. He may seem like a meathead, but according to him, he has an IQ of 530,000 which allows him to think tactically in almost every situation. Even as he is throwing punches, Todo is analyzing his enemy's abilities and mannerisms, all while developing new strategies for Boogie Woogie.

A favorite tactic of his for using Boogie Woogie involves throwing off the enemy's timing by abusing its clap function. While Boogie Woogie needs a clap to activate, Todo doesn't necessarily activate it every time he claps, fooling the enemy into thinking a switch will occur when it does not. Furthermore, Todo can "clap" by high-fiving another person, meaning he doesn't even need both hands to use Boogie Woogie. Even worse, he might just use his enemy's hand to perform the switch.

By mixing up these different techniques, Todo and his partner can approach, attack, and retreat in a near-unpredictable manner. They allowed Todo and Yuuji to defeat the special grade curse, Hanami, who otherwise might have defeated them along with several other Jujutsu sorcerers. Though Hanami barely managed to escape, the battle made it clear that Aoi Todo was one of the deadliest characters in "Jujutsu Kaisen."