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The Best ABC Sci-Fi Mystery Series That Only Lasted One Season According To Fans

Over the years, TV viewers have had an increasing number of options for original shows, from network channels to cable channels to streaming services. The plethora of viewing options, however, has led to a number of shows being canceled despite showing a lot of promise, while others never even saw the light of day, remaining just interesting "what if" questions.

There have also been a number of science-fiction mystery shows on television over the past few years, and while some of them have been major successes, others live on in infamy as expensive TV flops. Others had a strong following during their run but were cut short before they could finish their story, leading to frustrating cliff-hangers where fans can get a sense of closure only from the show's creative team speaking about the endings they had planned.

The worst plight, of course, befalls shows that only lasted one season but still managed to find an audience. One specific science-fiction mystery series, which aired on ABC, is particularly lamented among TV fans as deserving of more than the one season it got.

Flashforward featured people getting a look at their future

Redditor u/CNMartin916 posed the question "What's the best show that only lasted one season not named 'Firefly'?" Redditor u/JayGold cited the ABC mystery series "Flashforward," which ran during the 2009–2010 season and featured an ensemble cast that included Courtney B. Vance, Joseph Fiennes, Jack Davenport, Zachary Knighton, Peyton List, Brían F. O'Bryne, Sonya Walger, Christine Woods, John Cho, and Dominic Monaghan.

Speaking about the show, the user said, "I liked 'FlashForward.' Everyone on Earth simultaneously blacks out for one minute 27 17 seconds and experiences their life from 6 months in the future. Then some FBI agents try to figure out what caused the blackout, whether it will happen again, if the future can be changed, etc."

Other users chimed in in agreement, with u/toomanychoicess replying, "I was hoping to see this listed. The show was excellent and we deserved more seasons! Or at least a proper ending." Redditor u/ATC_av8er added, "Excellent show. Bummed it was only around for one seson [sic]."

The show's cancellation didn't hurt either of the creators, however, with co-creator Brannon Braga going on to co-create the supernatural series "Salem" and write on the Seth McFarlane space comedy "The Orville," a particularly good fit for him since he had previously written for three different "Star Trek" shows. Meanwhile, David S. Goyer, never left the science-fiction genre, with films such as "Man of Steel," "Godzilla," "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," and "Terminator: Dark Fate" under his belt.