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The Best Robot Cop Series That Only Lasted One Season According To Fans

These days everyone seems to have a favorite show that just didn't run as long as they'd hoped before it got the axe from some network or streamer. And given the exceedingly short leash shows are typically given in either realm these days, the list of shows cancelled before their prime is likely only going to get longer.

Of course, in the annals of short-lived television programs, few things can be quite as a frustrating for a young show's fanbase as when it gets cancelled after just one season on the air. And that unfortunate list of shows includes a few sub-iconic offerings like the 1990s teen drama "My So-Called Life," the 2000s teen dramedy "Freaks and Geeks," and the beloved sci-fi western "Firefly." Heck, there's likely even a few "Stumptown" fans out there still lamenting that show's lowly one-and-done status. But when a recent Reddit thread tasked TV fans with naming their favorite show that lasted only one season, the surprising series that dominated the conversation was a sci-fi drama about a robot cop and his all-too human partner.  

Seems sci-fi fans really wanted to see more of Almost Human

The aforementioned Reddit thread was started by a "Firefly" diehard, who opened the discussion by asking, "What's the best show that lasted only one season not named Firefly?" And the very first show listed by was indeed Fox's sci-fi procedural "Almost Human," with user Sagacious Elan posting, "Almost Human. Cyberpunk cop show with Karl Urban as the lead. So disappointed it only got one season." If you're unfamiliar with "Almost Human" it was produced by J.J. Abrams in conjunction with his "Fringe" collaborator J.H. Wyman, and found Urban portraying a hard-nosed detective in a not-too-distant future were human officers are partnered with combat-ready androids. In Urban's case, however, he's teamed with an empathic, life-like android named Dorian (Michael Ealy), hence the series' title.

Touted highly ahead of its 2013 premiere, "Almost Human" aired just 13-episodes before getting cancelled, a fact that still bothers Redditor Greedence, who posted, "I had wiped this show from my memory and now I want more" upon being reminded of its existence. Ditto for deliriousgoomba, whose own post clearly alludes to continued hard feeling about the show's cancellation, noting, "I'm so bitter about it." Meanwhile, Erdillian noted they're still bummed they never got closure on the series' open-ended finale with the post, "Yeeees! It ends on such a cliffhanger." And as for Oso_Furioso's statement, "This show had it all — cool concept, great actors, and fantastic production values," it's clear that "Almost Human" had more going for it than the average primetime drama.

It's safe to say that, based on these responses,  "Almost Human" remains the robot cop drama that got away for many sci-fi fans. And many of those fans are still fuming over it's too-soon cancellation.