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Why Sopranos Fans Think Junior Was Responsible For Tony's Retirement

Somehow, even an incredible 15 years since its airing, the beloved and award-winning show, "The Sopranos," remains as dissected as it was following its infamous cut to black in 2007. While the debate may have died down over Tony Soprano's status (which David Chase has since confirmed to be the one we weren't hoping for), it's not necessarily the question of if Tony was killed in the final scene, but who had a hand in killing the iconic boss of the New Jersey crime family.

Following the bazillion rewatches of that iconic swansong, several variables play out that still spike our paranoia and leave us guessing who it was who did the deed and gave the order. Several theories for the potential suspects have arisen since, mainly pointing to the man and his trip to the bathroom. Still, one stands out more than most as an interesting possibility, mainly because of the character's previous two attempts at offing Tony earlier in the series, and the many unexplainable, slightly superstitious element that the show has always had running through it.

Was Uncle Junior responsible for Tony's death?

Plenty of people were out to get Tony Soprano, including his own mother. However, one that came closer than most was Tony's dear old Uncle Junior, who had his eye on the top spot within the 'family' that his nephew filled. The theory posited by WhyCutHair on Reddit is that on all the occasions Tony has diced with death, Junior was the cause of it. Early in the series, he put a hit out on his nephew, and years later, due to dementia, he mistook Tony for an old enemy, shooting him in his own home. The Sopranos superfan wrote, " the last thing Tony does before he goes to the restaurant, and if you adhere to the rational theory, he dies there, is to go see Junior in the asylum. So, maybe not directly, but Junior did jinx him for one last time.

While not as direct as Junior's previous efforts, it's an interesting idea given the prominence of superstition in the show. Christopher Moltisanti (Michael Imperioli) was notably rattled by the appearance of a bird at his initiation early in the series, and Paulie struggles to take a message from one of his former victims after visiting a clairvoyant. In the end, perhaps Tony's visit to his Uncle was one he should've missed, given that the powers that be had other plans and Journey on the jukebox.