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The Best Character In Motherland: Fort Salem According To Fans

The Freeform series "Motherland: Fort Salem" has drawn a number of fans of the fantasy genre since its debut. Created by Eliot Laurence, who previously created the TNT dramedy "Claws" and wrote the Kristen Wiig-starring film "Welcome To Me," the show depicts an alternate history of America in which the Salem witch trials result in the discovery of real witches.

This leads to an alliance with the U.S. government, with most witches ending up conscripted into U.S. Army training when they come of age, to fight threats to witches and humans alike. The show follows the journey of a number of witch cadets and the conflicts they face, both internally and externally. With two seasons already under its belt, "Motherland: Fort Salem" has been renewed for a third and final season.

The show's ensemble cast gives viewers a number of options when it comes to choosing their favorite character. One particular character, however, has drawn the consensus opinion as the one fans root for the most. This is the best character in "Motherland: Fort Salem," according to fans.

Anacostia Quartermain drew praise from many viewers

In a post on the subreddit r/MotherlandFortSalem, fans enthusiastically expressed their love of Captain Anacostia Quartermain, played by Demetria McKinney.

In the series, Anacostia is introduced as one of the drill sergeants of the new recruits to the army, with her charges including Raelle Collar (Taylor Hickson), Tally Craven (Jessica Sutton), and Abigail Bellweather (Ashley Nicole Williams). Anacostia is also a close confidante of General Sarah Alder (Lyne Renée) and becomes an undercover agent in the show's second season in an attempt to root out the Camarilla, a group intent on eradicating witches.

Reddit user u/ArchanaKumaran was the first to express admiration for Anacostia, pointing out how the character's so affected by what she sees Alder do. "I absolutely LOVE how much anacostia has changed throughout the season!" the poster said. "At first, you could see that she still always would follow alder and let her perception of her that has been built up since childhood cloud her ... but we can see her actually take action and reevaluate how alder is actually doing." The post has over 100 upvotes, with many comments from other fans of the show praising the character.

Redditor u/Athenas93 echoed the sentiment, replying "I feel exactly the same! Yay!! Anacostia appreciation post!" Fellow poster u/HKM-1017 added, "Can I triple upvote this cause I feel the exact same," while u/tickettoride2 said, "Anacostia's arc has been fantastic to watch." While "Motherland: Fort Salem" is filled with rich, interesting characters, it's safe to say that Anacostia is a major favorite.