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The Pentaverate Release Date, Cast, And Trailer - What We Know So Far

The world has not seen very much of Mike Myers over the past few years. His last major movie appearance came in 2018 with "Bohemian Rhapsody," the epic biopic about the rise of Queen and its front man Freddie Mercury (via IMDb). Since then, Myers has appeared in very little — the only thing to come from him so far in the 2020s has been a "Wayne's World" Super Bowl ad promoting Uber Eats.

While that may seem like some shameless product placement on Myers' part, it proves that something as old as the "Wayne's World" films, which have been around since 1993, are still relevant today. The same can be said for much of Myers' other work as well. People haven't forgotten about "Austin Powers," and they definitely never forgot about "Shrek," which is why it's a shame that Myers hasn't come out with anything new in a long time. That is, until now.

Coming exclusively to Netflix, "The Pentaverate" is an upcoming five-episode mini-series created by and starring Myers himself. Netflix has already dropped a trailer for the project, revealing an official release date as well as several key cast members. Based on this, "The Pentaverate" looks to be an exciting return to the stylings of Mike Myers, one that fans should keep a close eye on. Here is what we know about it so far. 

What is the release date for The Pentaverate?

Mike Myers fans will appreciate how little buildup there actually is for "The Pentaverate." A series like this could have theoretically been years in the making. However, the show's creators decided not to reveal it until it was already a relative hair away from release. According to Netflix's trailer, "The Pentaverate" is bound for release on May 5 — Cinco de Mayo, of all days.

This is no coincidence. For obvious reasons, the number five holds some significance to "The Pentaverate." Myers has been having a lot of fun dropping five-related hints regarding "The Pentaverate" for over a week now. On March 7, he created an Instagram account, where he posted nothing but cryptic images of the number five leading up to the release of the trailer.

The show's name is even a play on the Roman Triumvirates, two influential political alliances between three powerful Roman politicians during the time of Julius Caesar and the first emperor, Octavian (via Encyclopedia Britannica). The prefix "penta-" means five, thus "The Pentaverate," as the trailer explains, is a clandestine organization of five influential people who are at the center of the show's mystery narrative.

Who is in the cast of The Pentaverate?

Any good mystery series has a cast of colorful characters. But if viewers are going to unravel the secrets of "The Pentaverate," then they probably should know what (or rather, who) they are looking at — which will largely be Mike Myers in some form or another. Through a combination of makeup, costuming, and solid acting, Myers is to play at least eight wildly different characters throughout the series (via Deadline). This is something he is particularly well-known for, as it is a technique he employed heavily in films like the "Austin Powers" trilogy

Beyond just himself, however, Myers also has a star-studded cast lined up, including Ken Jeong as Skip Cho and Keegan-Michael Key as Dr. Hobart Clark. The former of these is a casino owner and meteorological genius, while the latter is a nuclear physicist. Both are employed by the Pentaverate to help resolve Earth's climate crisis. According to Deadline, other notable roles will be played by Debi Mazar, Jennifer Saunders, Lydia West, and Richard McCabe.

What does the trailer for The Pentaverate reveal?

The trailer for "The Pentaverate" starts slowly, explaining that in the 1300s, a group of five men discovered that fleas and rats were the source of the bubonic plague. Labeled as heretics by the Catholic Church, the men coalesced into a shadowy organization determined to manipulate world events for the greater good of mankind. This became the Pentaverate.

However, it seems as though their organization may not remain so secretive for much longer. As the Pentaverate work to reduce climate change, people start connecting the dots and piecing together the existence of the Illuminati-like group. Among these people is Ken Scarborough, a Canadian Journalist (and one of Mike Myers' many roles). Though the trailer doesn't reveal much about Scarborough, Deadline reports that Scarborough is looking to break the story of the Pentaverate in a bid to win his job back. Whether he is successful, and whether the Pentaverate is successful in their own affairs, is yet to be determined. However, fans can find out when the series is released on May 5.