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The Gold Rush Star Who Has Appeared In The Most Episodes After Parker Schnabel

At this point it's safe to say that Parker Schnabel is easily the most recognizable star to come out of Discovery's highly popular reality series "Gold Rush" -– as evidenced by the absolutely astounding number of episodes that he's starred in. Parker Schnabel has appeared in a mind-boggling 240 episodes of "Gold Rush," far more than any other member of the show (via IMDb). In many ways, Parker has become the face of the series itself: a young miner with a lot to prove, and an unwavering determination to pull in as much gold as possible year in and year out.

Schnabel also embodies the tough, grueling atmosphere that makes "Gold Rush" so unique amongst other reality series. He is possibly one of the most gold-hungry bosses in the entire series, and regularly pays his crew to work absurdly long hours in horrendous conditions. While Schnabel may be the most recognizable member of the series, fellow miner Tony Beets comes in at a close second -– having appeared in the second most episodes of the series behind Schnabel.

Beets may be in second place, but he's still not even close to Schnabel

Tony Beets certainly looks more like the stereotypical Gold Miner than Schnabel does. His enormous scraggly beard and foul-mouthed charisma make him one of the most memorable cast members the series has to offer -– though admittedly, he's still got a ways to go before he catches up with Schnabel in terms of episodes. Beets recently reached his 200th episode, which means he would need 40 more appearances to catch up with where Schnabel is now. By that time, though, Schnabel may well be approaching his 300th episode.

Unless Parker takes a hiatus from the show (which some fans think is still in the realm of possibility) it seems like Beets is destined to remain firmly in second place as long as the show runs. Other notable cast members such as Chris Doumitt and Rick Ness could catch up to Beets in due time, as they currently sit at 191 episodes and 184 episodes respectively. Considering how regularly people end up leaving the series — often due to the harsh conditions and immense pressure that is inherent to gold mining in general — it's worth mentioning that the fact that any of these men have managed to last so long on the show is nothing short of remarkable.