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Where Can You Watch Both Seasons Of Prodigal Son?

For two seasons, "Prodigal Son" was must-watch television. The series followed FBI profiler Malcolm Bright (Tom Payne), who's assigned a case of a copycat serial killer. The only problem is that the murderer happens to be copying the antics of his incarcerated father, Martin Whitly (Michael Sheen). As a result, Malcolm must turn to his father for his insight into the killings so that he can prevent this new criminal from harming anyone else. 

Bringing together a police procedural with a "Silence of the Lambs" element was intriguing, but a promising premise isn't always enough to save a show. At the end of the second season, Fox canceled the series. The life of the show was cut short before it really had a chance to get going, but fortunately, there are still two seasons worth of content to check out if you're interested. Fortunately, you can find both seasons in one place if you're looking for a brief, breezy, and bloody binge-watch.

Both seasons of Prodigal Son are available on HBO Max

As long as you know going into your "Prodigal Son" binge-watch that the second season ends on a cliffhanger, you can see the entire story on HBO Max. The series was exclusive to Hulu for a while, but in September 2021, the show was taken off the service (via PopCulture.com). Now, you'll need an HBO Max subscription if you want to see the ever-engaging story of a man trying to protect lives by associating with his serial killer father.

While "Prodigal Son" is only streaming on one platform, you always have the option to purchase the series. As we saw not too long ago, it may not be long until the show jumps ship somewhere else or is taken off HBO Max indefinitely. In case you always want the show at your fingertips, you can purchase both seasons on services like Amazon, Microsoft, VUDU, Google Play, and Apple.

DVDs and Blu-Rays of the show are also available if you're a connoisseur of physical media. "Prodigal Son" may be gone, but with so many different ways to check it out, it'll be a long time until it's forgotten.