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The Degrassi: The Next Generation Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The world of Degrassi has been around since the late 1970s. When the latter years of the 1980s came about, it was reshaped into "Degrassi Junior High" and "Degrassi High." The series follows the growing pains of some Torontonian youth who attend a school called Degrassi. It tackls serious issues in a realistic and believable way, that young people of the time could really identify with.

As culturally important and respected as the show was, the franchise reached dazzling heights when it was revamped in 2001 as "Degrassi: The Next Generation." Picking up from the classic series, the new show featured a few returning characters, including Caitlin Ryan, Joey Jeremiah, Christine "Spike" Nelson, Archie "Snake" Simpson, and Christine's daughter, Emma Nelson. The sequel series also introduced audiences to a brand new cast of characters.

The show transitioned from simple morality stories to a full-fledged and intricate teen soap opera with a mountain of plot lines and characters. It lasted 14 seasons and gave way to "Degrassi: Next Class" and the upcoming (at time of writing) new "Degrassi" at HBOMax. After all this time, we thought it'd be fun to talk about some of the show's most memorable characters (there are far too many to mention all of them) and determine which ones match with which zodiac sign. 

Aries (March 21 – April 19) - Holly J. Sinclair

The defining characteristic of an Aries is competitiveness and the desire "to be number one," according to Allure. There's no shortage of overachievers on the series, but no one flaunts their success with as much pride, or attitude, as Heather Sinclair's younger sister Holly J. Sinclair. From the moment we meet her, she asserts her dominance over every situation, making it clear who she thinks is number one.

As the series continues, that defensive wall around her that makes her come off as cruel and unfeeling does weaken a bit. She never completely loses her overbearing sense of entitlement, but she does let her guard down and slowly starts treating others with more respect. Still, even when she's in the middle of her romance with Declan Coyne and at her most vulnerable, she will not miss an opportunity to be the very best at everything she sets her mind to.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) - Paige Michalchuk

One of the many competitors for the title of "Degrassi's most entitled student" is Paige Michalchuk. She easily could've been slotted in as the Aries of the bunch, but it's her tendency to assume everyone around her knows how great and special she is that makes her a Taurus. Paige doesn't stomp around Degrassi with something to prove, her mere presence is enough to send the message that she is better than you. In her mind, at least.

Conceitedness isn't a Taurus trait, but luxuriating in one's own identity certainly is, according to InStyle. Paige really likes being Paige. From her style to her grades, she is way into herself and isn't ashamed of it. Even when she struggles at university and has a breakdown, it's because she isn't measuring up to this perfect image she has of herself. Paige is so certain of her superiority that when reality proves she's not infallible, she simply can't function. To be fair, it is a humbling experience for her, and she becomes more patient and understanding from that point on.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20) - Liberty Van Zandt

Another overachiever, Liberty Van Zandt excels academically. An excellent student who pushes herself to the academic limit, while still finding time to participate in extracurriculars, Liberty is a driven, dedicated individual who seems to have so much going on that the only way to stay on top of it all would be to make her two people. This nearly matches Allure's description of Gemini, the sign "interested in so many pursuits that it had to double itself."

Although she was initially depicted as a nerdy loner, the older and more confident she became, the other students at Degrassi started to see her as more than the girl with all the answers and accepted her as a trusting and loyal friend who would be there to help them with school projects as well as personal problems. She dabbled with romance here and there, but her one true love was J.T. Yorke. She pined for him for years, only to have him snatched away when he was tragically murdered.

Despite being left devastated by the experience, Liberty kept her head up and continued to be a model student who also worked hard to further progressive ideas. Upon graduating from Degrassi and attending University, Liberty opened up even more to broadened her, and others, horizons.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22) - Alex Nuñez

The first real underachiever on the list, Alex Nuñez started out as a pretty simple antagonist in the series. She was part of Degrassi's bad crowd who skipped school, drank, smoked, and was basically on track to arrive nowhere very quickly. Then she started working with Paige at the movie theater. While the two couldn't stand each other at first, spending long hours together and bonding over mutual hate for customers showed them they had more in common than they thought.

A product of a deeply troubled home, Alex assumed she would never amount to much, so she didn't really see the point in trying. It was her burgeoning romance with Paige that let her see she had self-worth, and this is where we see what makes her a Cancer. Livingly points out that Cancers are similar to the crab representing their sign in that "they have a hard shell (representing their outer inscrutability) which covers the soft flesh beneath (representing their extreme emotional sensitivity)."

This is certainly true of Alex, who spent much of her life pushing people away, believing herself to be self-reliant, until the day came when she finally had to admit she needed help getting her life in order.

Leo (July 23 – August 22) - Manny Santos

As Allure puts it, "Passionate, loyal, and infamously dramatic, Leo is represented by the lion and these spirited fire signs are the kings and queens of the celestial jungle." Reading that, certainly makes one think of Degrassi's most complicated superstar, Manny Santos. She's a girl who sees great potential in herself but has no idea what it is, often defining her personality by who she's dating and whether or not strangers are paying attention to her.

She tries to figure out what she's meant to be by trying different personalities. At first, she's Emma's quiet friend. Desperate for any kind of attention, she changes her wardrobe to make the boys notice her and the girls hate her. This culminates in her getting the wrong kind of attention after a video of her removing her top is posted online by a boy from school.

Even after graduating from Degrassi, she falls victim to another male influence when she allows a manipulative acting teacher to tear her down. With the help of her friends and a former flame, she is finally able to accept herself as she is and find direction in life.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22) - Declan Coyne

When rich kid Declan Coyne and his sister Fiona arrive at Degrassi, the show makes it very clear that they are here to stir up trouble. From their attitudes to their fashion choices and self-important swagger, these kids think they're above this school and want everyone to know it. That doesn't stop the kids of Degrassi from wanting to be with and be like them, however.

Things change, though, when Declan starts having feelings for Holly J. His playboy charms don't work on her and he becomes fascinated by this girl who simply doesn't have the time of day for his tired, entitled attempts to court her. He exhibits something akin to what InStyle describes as the Virgo trait of dedicating oneself to a task in order to grow and improve as people when he realizes there's more to his feelings and she is worth the extra effort.

By the end of his first season, Declan has grown into a warmer, kinder human being who discovers that caring for others is just as important as caring for yourself.

Libra (September 23 – October 22) - Marco Del Rossi

As is the case with high schools all over the world, many of the students at Degrassi present themselves in a way that they think other people will like. Unfortunately for Marco Del Rossi, one of the more likable characters of "Degrassi: The Next Generation, this means hiding his sexuality. When we first meet Marco, he goes to some pretty extreme lengths to remain closeted, fearing the reactions of his peers, likely stemming from his father's views on homosexuality.

This means he was constantly walking a tightrope, seeking balance, if you will. That struggle to be seen a certain way by everyone and to balance his social/academic life with the public perception he desires is a clear Libra trait. Even when he frees himself of the closet and is able to live as himself, Marco seeks balance and stability in his schoolwork, actual work, and friendships. This is even true when he becomes a student-teacher and needs to establish boundaries between the kids who were once his peers and are now his students.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) - Ellie Nash

Quiet, underestimated, and misunderstood, Ellie Nash is the girl everyone thinks they can walk on — but she knows when to step up and assert herself. At first, she is Marco's suffering girlfriend, unable to understand why he wants to be with her, but not be affectionate. When he reveals his homosexuality, she agrees to stay with him, but it obviously weighs on her, until she can't take it anymore.

Seeking control, thanks in part to her alcoholic mother, Ellie harms herself physically and emotionally by dating boys who are no good for her. As a Scorpio, her true nature is a mystery even to herself. That is, until she is taken for granted too many times and she finally uses her voice to state what she wants and goes after it with real fury. Not even a brief relapse with Craig, one of many men in her life taking advantage of her kindness, is able to derail her from achieving her peace completely.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) - Jimmy Brooks

Perhaps no other character in Degrassi ascended more astonishing heights than Jimmy Brooks. This, of course, is true of the character and the actor who played them. Yes, Jimmy was played by Abrey Graham, aka Drake. Within the series, Jimmy was a kind, understanding person who was always there for his friends but tended to put his own feelings aside for others.

Not to say that he was perfect, but when it came to looking out for others, Jimmy was usually there. Even when he was shot in the back, and forced to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair, Jimmy didn't waste all his time plotting revenge or figuring out a way to make the lives of others miserable. He took some time to accept his new situation and worked to make the best of it. Jimmy possessing endless enthusiasm, and desires to explore every facet of himself, which is the essence of a Sagittarius

Eventually, he went on to be a musician, just like the actor himself. While it isn't made clear where Jimmy's career took him, his real-life counterpart obviously never forgot his Degrassi roots, as evidenced in the video for his song "I'm Upset." Who knows, maybe he'll even show up for the new "Degrassi."

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) Archie Snake Simpson

According to Allure, Capricorns understand and appreciate the importance of time. Instead of rushing to accomplish something, they stand back and observe, striking when the time is right. Watching the arc of Archie Simpson go from awkward, spindly junior high school kid lumbering down the halls of Degrassi, to media immersion teacher, and even principal, one has to think that this guy is a Capricorn.

Of course, Snake didn't always aspire to be a principal. Like his best buds Joey Jeremiah and Wheels, he wanted to be a rock star. The trio formed a band called The Zit Remedy (or The Zits) and even shot a video for their only song "Everybody Wants Something." The band never made it, and Snake was forced to get a normal job, which is why he was brought back for "The Next Generation."

As great as it was for longtime "Degrassi" fans to see Snake in the show, it is equally wonderful and surreal to see just how long he stuck with the show. It seemed like at some point the writers would get rid of him, as they were phasing out almost every legacy character, but it just isn't "Degrassi" without Snake. So, instead of getting rid of him, he got a promotion. 

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) - Emma Nelson

One of the more gripping storylines from the classic "Degrassi" was Spike's pregnancy. At only 14, Christine "Spike" Nelson had to make the choice to have an abortion or be a teen mother. Ultimately, she decided to have the baby, who grew up to be one of the first stars of "Degrassi: The Next Generation." While longtime fans of the franchise were thrilled to see Spike's baby carry on, new fans were able to identify with Emma's passion for the environment, animals, problems with her self-image, and dating strife.

It's Emma's dedication to progressive ideas and protecting the natural world that makes her an Aquarius. Early on, she prioritized her beliefs over everything else, giving her the reputation of thinking she's better than everyone else. However, as she matured and began changing her priorities, her list of friends grew, but she never lost that commitment to saving the Earth and its wildlife. 

Pisces (February 19 – March 20) - Toby Isaacs

When it comes to memorable "Degrassi: The Next Generation" characters, Toby Isaacs may not be the first one that leaps to mind. He wasn't involved in major controversies, though he had his share of smaller ones, and he never really aspired to become a movie star or performer, like many of the other students. Toby kept his life pretty simple and did his best to stay out of trouble, which is a trait consistent with Pisces, per Cosmopolitan.

It's been said that a Pisces is psychic. That isn't true of any "Degrassi" characters, but Toby comes the closest simply for his powers of observation. While some may see his aversion to risk-taking as cowardice, it should be viewed as wisdom. Toby is someone who remains aware of his surroundings and keeps his priorities in check. This has kept him free of many of the pitfalls that claim his friends (and makes the "Degrassi" shows so binge-worthy). By learning from his mistakes, keeping his eyes open and mouth shut, Toby was able to make it through his time at Degrassi relatively unscathed.