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Moon Knight's Costume Has One Important Similarity To The Batman's

This month comic book fans are being spoiled in the best way possible with not one but two knights making their action-packed debut. Following the long-overdue appearance of Robert Pattinson's "The Batman," now officially out, we've also got Marvel's "Moon Knight" coming in to land in just over two weeks as well. It's almost fitting that both these vigilantes are sharing the same month giving the long-time comparison between Gotham's great protector and the feared fist of Khonshu during their time as comic book characters.

For years, the latter has often been referred to as Marvel's take on a Dark Knight (well, it is kind of right there in the name). A reclusive hero that prefers to go solo, his gadgetry is often a literal display of his moon-shaped obsession the same way Bruce Wayne makes all of his gear bat-shaped as well. Now it looks like the argument will only be growing stronger that one often copies the other following the release of the latest preview for the new Disney+ series. As it turns out, besides that huge flowing cape and an intimidating outfit, Moon Knight looks to be storing an equally lethal bit of kit like Pattinson's hero, and it's been right there in front of us this whole time.

Both The Batman and Moon Knight use their chest emblems as weapons

Just like Robert Pattinson's Caped Crusader, it turns out that Oscar Isaac's superhero with dissociative personality disorder had similar ideas when it came to accessorizing. After it was finally revealed in the Matt Reeves-directed film that The Batman has a removable badge for cutting through wires and police tape, Moon Knight's chest dressing also appears to have other purposes than being a bit of bling to flash around in the MCU.

In the latest "Secret Agent" TV Spot for the upcoming Marvel show, we can see Moon Knight physically remove the crescent moon from his outfit before going into action. While that in itself is a tad confusing, given that the outfit materializes and can be manipulated around him, the teaser ends with him catching the emblem before showing off those pearly white eyes. Just how often he's going to be throwing this one badge around the place has yet to be revealed. We'll have to wait and see if he spends one episode trying to recover it after it falls down the sofa when "Moon Knight" arrives over on Disney+ on March 30.