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The Worst Curse Of Oak Island Episode From Season 1 According To IMDb

"The Curse of Oak Island" has had an impressive run on History thus far. The reality TV series centers on brothers Marty and Rick Lagina as they lead explorations and excavations on the titular Oak Island in Nova Scotia in search of the treasure rumored to be hidden somewhere beneath the island's surface. Over the course of its roughly eight years on air, viewers have watched that central expedition unfold. In that time, the team has made plenty of discoveries and faced many challenges, but as it stands, the Lagina brothers and their compatriots seem to be sticking with their search for the foreseeable future.

Recent seasons of "Oak Island" have episode counts that stretch as far as 25 episodes long, but back when the show debuted in 2014, its 1st season consisted of a meager 5 episodes. Of course, even then, fans felt that some episodes were better than others, so the question remains: What's generally considered to be the worst episode of the inaugural season of "The Curse of Oak Island?" 

The show's pilot is actually the worst rated Season 1 episode

Fans may be surprised to learn that the low point for viewers of Season 1 of "The Curse of Oak Island" is none other than the show's pilot episode. Both that episode, titled "What Lies Below," and Episode 3, titled "Outdoors: Voices from the Grave," are tied as the lowest-rated Season 1 episode among IMDb users, with each scoring 7.5 out of 10 stars. The former slightly edges out the latter for this dubious honor, however, as it has more votes factored into the score.

Of course, a 7.5 rating isn't abysmal by any means, though it's understandable that viewers might have a lower opinion of this episode than the ones that followed. "What Lies Below" saw the Lagina brothers' treasure hunt get off to a respectable start, with the crew finding a few interesting artifacts from their first excavations of different parts of the island. While these initial discoveries were certainly enough to entice new fans to continue watching the series, they were quickly eclipsed by greater revelations in later episodes

Simply put, the pilot episode of "The Curse of Oak Island" isn't as exciting once the viewer has seen what the team managed to discover later on. Still, its own level of quality is a testament to just how strong later outings were. All considered, "What Lies Below" was a solid start to a beloved show, even if it was only paving the way for a greater future.