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The Best Episode Of Fire Force Season 2 According To Fans

It may not be as iconic as some other anime series like "Naruto" or "One Piece," but you can't deny that "Fire Force" is darn good in its own right. The most recent manga created by "Soul Eater" author Atsushi Ohkubo, "Fire Force" has achieved a high level of popularity. On Crunchyroll, the series is rated four out of five stars by fans, proving that it has what it takes to rank among the best shonen around.

Set in a world consumed with fire, the series follows a young teen named Shinra who becomes a hero in the Fire Force, an organization of pyrokinetic soldiers who fight against haywire pyrokinetics known as Infernals. Along the way, Shinra learns more about the Spontaneous Human Combustion that creates Infernals, as well as the truth behind his family's tragic death. The end result is a story brimming with mystery, action, unique settings, and memorable characters — all of which were expanded upon in its second season.

But not every episode of Season 2 was created equal. According to fans, the best episode of Season 2 comes right at its middle point and benefits from the intriguing story of one of its most mysterious characters.

Episode 12 reveals many hidden truths

Out of the 24 episodes in Season 2 of "Fire Force," none rank as highly as Episode 12, "Shadows Cast By Divine Light." According to the fan rankings for each episode on MyAnimeList, Episode 12 holds the highest proportion of perfect scores (based on the site's five-point scale) than any other. 80% of fans who watched the episode ranked it a perfect five, with the majority of the remainder giving it a four. Compare this to the season's other highest-ranked episodes, Episode 3 with 70% perfect scores and Episode 24 with 68%.

The episode in question focuses on the characters Joker and Benimaru as they infiltrate the Holy Sol Temple. Whilst there, they encounter the Holy Sol Shadows, a group of assassins that Joker — in a stunning revelation — admits to being a member. From there, many secrets about Joker's past and the Holy Sol are revealed, leaving fans astounded.

"Easily the best 'Fire Force' episode ever," wrote MyAnimeList user Marinate1016. "This arc is gonna show y'all why Fire force is peak fiction."

"Joker is such an enigma that they decided to dedicate an episode on him," wrote Stark700. "Pretty tense episode and it gets into deeper lore with Joker's connection. David Production's artistic production made this episode pretty satisfying, even with the psychology and violence."

Given that kind of praise, it makes sense why fans consider it the greatest episode in the series thus far. Now, if only Season 3 would come out to potentially challenge its standing.