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The Ghostbusters Reference You Likely Missed In The Walking Dead

Taking heavy inspiration from Robert Kirkman's comic book series of the same name, AMC's "The Walking Dead" has become a television staple. Since late 2010, audiences have tuned in week after week to see how a revolving door of survivors would handle the variety of obstacles in front of them, ranging from hordes of the undead to fellow humans looking to take advantage of a bad situation. Sadly for those who have kept up with the series, it's nearing the end of its 11th and final season, but that's not necessarily cause for shedding tears. Rather, there's plenty to celebrate.

Throughout its small-screen run, "The Walking Dead" managed to accomplish a lot up against strong competition like "Game of Thrones" and "Breaking Bad." Not only did it launch an extended franchise — one that continually adds controversial spin-offs and sequels to its ranks — as it brought much of the beloved source material to life, but it secured a hefty number of awards and nominations in doing so. Additionally, it found time to include celebrity cameos as well as numerous Easter eggs and references to other media that would catch most pop culture enthusiasts' attention.

In a particularly funny instance, "The Walking Dead" recently included a famous line from the 1984 classic "Ghostbusters." Here's where you can check out the nod to the late Ivan Reitman's iconic film.

Moto had some Peter Venkman-esque words for Hornsby

"The Walking Dead" Season 11 featured an episode titled "Rogue Element," which focused predominantly on Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) in his efforts to locate his missing girlfriend, Stephanie (Chelle Ramos). Simultaneously, it dedicated a fair chunk of its runtime to matters of the Commonwealth, specifically focusing on the recently introduced Lance Hornsby (Josh Hamilton). The Deputy Governor takes part in a diplomatic visit to a nearby farm that supplies the Commonwealth with medicine, run by farmers that are on strike and demand higher wages for their labor.

As it turns out, the farmers hadn't struck up this movement on their own. According to Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride), a man named Moto (William Mark McCullough) has taken their raises for himself and used violence against some to ensure their silence. Now he seeks to use them as pawns to make even more money through the strike of his creation. Upon learning this, Hornsby promptly has Moto arrested, and, as he's carried away by Commonwealth soldiers, he shouts, "You mother-pussbucket"a famous insult that Peter Venkman (Bill Murray) utters at the sight of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man in "Ghostbusters."

"The Walking Dead" is generally a grim, dreary affair, so when it goes out of its way to reference a film as goofy as "Ghostbusters," the levity created is certainly a breath of fresh air.