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32% Of Haikyuu!! Fans Agree This Is Their Favorite Character

Anime often employs varying scenarios and settings, like worlds full of powerful ghost hunters, or ones where reality television shows come front and center. "Haikyuu!!" is an anime series based on the manga by the same name by Haruichi Furudate, and the main plot follows a young boy who has aspirations of becoming a world-class volleyball player. Unfortunately for him, his school does not have a volleyball team, so he spends most of his time recruiting friends and other individuals to his fledgling team.

At first, potential players are reluctant, but main character Shoyo Hinata (Ayumu Murase) is absolutely relentless in the pursuit of his dreams and gets people to join through a combination of charisma and sheer persistence. The first time Shoyo's team plays in a match, they get absolutely crushed, but instead of ruining their spirits and drive, it actually causes them to grow together as a unit. 

With all that said, "Haikyuu!!" has a cast of very colorful characters, and a recent poll sought to find out which character fans love the most. 

Bokuto was voted as the top fan favorite

On the show's subreddit, u/Nishinoya_Zoldyck created a poll asking who was their favorite character on the show, with Hinata, Bokuto (Ryohei Kimura), Kuroo (Yuichi Nakamura), Tsukki (Koki Uchiyama), and Atsumu (Mamoru Miyano) and Osamu (Hideaki Kabumoto) among the options. Based on 743 votes, Bokuto emerged as the leading choice with 240 votes, or about 32%. The runner-up was the main character Hinata, who had 221 votes, while Kuroo came in at a distant third with 107.

Bokuto is primarily known for his relaxed and silly demeanor, and even though some members of the volleyball community view him as somebody who is relatively "simple," his overall pleasantness and eagerness have certainly endeared him to fans of the show. Redditor  u/Simpfor2danimemen wrote, "Bokuto and hinata all the way," while u/ambatman1205 replied, "It was tough cuz I couldn't decide between bokuto n kuroo... But bokuto is wow." u/cat_hat_club was also torn by the informal poll, and added, "AHHH DONT MAKE ME CHOOSE IN BETWEEN TSUKI AND BOKUTO! I JUST CANT! I LOVE THEM BOTH!" 

Even though Bokuto was voted as the favorite character, it seems as if fans of "Haikyuu!!" are somewhat divided on their choices, and tend to enjoy multiple characters on the popular anime series.