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This Hilarious Scene From The Umbrella Academy Was Completely Improvised

First and foremost, "The Umbrella Academy" is about family. Besides that, the most interconnected aspect of the popular Netflix show seems to be different unintended apocalypses caused by the previously-mentioned family. Adopted as children by a mysterious and ruthless benefactor known as Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore), the reclusive and wealthy businessman sought them out due to the miracle of their births, and the fantastic and over-the-top superpowers that came with them.

Each child, all born on the same day to people who weren't pregnant the day before, are numbered from one to seven, and this number represents how well Reginald can control them or their powers. One child was granted super strength and endurance, while others possessed potent necromancy, verbal-based manipulation, extra-dimensional tentacles, teleportation, and the ability to harness sound waves to devastating effects. As varied as their powers, their personalities are even further apart, and each one has their own wants, needs, and intrinsic trauma.

The series is known for its bombastic fight scenes, plot twists, and interactions between the siblings, and in one particular scene in Season 2, the actors filmed a moment that was entirely improvised.

The siblings' elevator scene was unscripted

In a round-robin style interview with the cast of "The Umbrella Academy," Still Watching Netflix asked them what some of the funniest moments on the show were. The first reaction from all of them was a scene from Season 2, and it turns out that there isn't a "clean" version of it that stuck to the script. Aidan Gallagher was the first to mention the scene, which is when the Hargreeves siblings are on their way to meet their father in the 1960s. As the family piles into an elevator, Luther (Tom Hopper) lets out a nervous fart, which invokes a powerful response from his brothers and sisters, and the responses were completely improvised.

Hopper added, "Ah, the elevator scene up to the Tiki Bar always sticks in my head. And I don't think we actually got a clean take with David Castaneda." Castaneda, who plays Diego, replied, "You can see the take that they used, everyone is acting like it smells, and I'm just laughing." At first, fans thought that this reaction was a slight nod to Diego's power in the comics that allows him to hold his breath (and avoid said fart while his family suffers), but it turns out that it was a serendipitous and unscripted event that is entirely within the scope of the Hargreeves siblings' interactions.