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The Kensi Blye Scene That Went Too Far On NCIS: Los Angeles

"NCIS: Los Angeles" is a spin-off of the ultra-popular crime procedural "NCIS" and like its parent show, it follows a team of agents who investigate crimes that range from killings and kidnappings to major national security threats. The characters on the series bring their own unique skills to each investigation, whether that be combat, language, or undercover espionage. Special Agent Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah) is a perfect example of this ethos. She speaks several languages, is a former Marine with extensive survivalist training, and studied politics in college.

Kensi is known among the other agents for being incredibly smart and self-sufficient, albeit a bit chaotic with her notoriously messy ways. Her skills and intelligence shine through when she is on a case, though, and she hardly lets her guard down, making her a near-perfect agent ... most of the time. Notably, Kensi has an ongoing relationship with fellow agent Marty Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen). The show's exploration of their relationship has added depth to both characters, but that doesn't mean the moments that come out of these relationship storylines are always welcomed by fans. There is one Kensi moment, in particular, that exemplifies the way in which the show sometimes takes her relationship with Deeks too far.

Kensi lets her relationship drama get in the way

In the two-part Season 9 finale of "NCIS: Los Angeles," the team is headed to Mexico to find a small boy who is in grave danger. However, while everyone is rushing to leave, Kensi and Deeks get into an argument regarding their future together. Deeks wants the two of them to leave the job and start a family, while Kensi disagrees, leading to a heated discussion about whether they should call off their upcoming wedding. Eventually, Kensi storms away while the rest of the crew watch from the sidelines, no doubt wondering exactly when they are going to get around to saving that kid.

This is all very serious relationship stuff that no doubt should be discussed prior to a wedding. But is in a parking lot while the rest of your team is waiting to save a small child from a life or death situation the right time for it? Furthermore, when fans tune into the pulse-pounding season finale of a crime procedural are they watching to see how the case gets solved, or two people hashing out their relationship problems?

The scene is also far from the first time Kensi and Deeks have gone back and forth regarding their issues. While the couple does have fans, there are plenty of viewers who were tired of seeing this rehashed storyline. In a Reddit thread about the couple, u/InGenCorp wrote, "What bothers me is that nearly every scene that they are alone it reverts back to the marriage. Yes we know they are getting married what we don't need to be reminded about it every episode." Meanwhile, u/unintelligentnerd added, "Quote from my sister pretty well sums it up 'this isn't why I watch this show!'" 

The frustrating and momentum stalling pre-flight fight is perhaps the perfect example of a Kensi scene that pushed her relationship storyline too far.