The Chicago Fire Storyline Some Fans Feel Is Too Rushed

There is always room for advancement at the firehouse in "Chicago Fire." Currently in Season 10, "Chicago Fire" follows several firefighters, paramedics, and other rescue personal as they engage in several jobs involving firefighting, which can often invoke the designations of "truck," "engine," and "squad." Those that carry the "truck" moniker are specialized in the operation of the hydraulic ladders, while "engine" involves pressurized water, and "squad" denotes those that use heavy equipment for search and rescue (via Asking Lot).

As such, several characters have come and gone, or even been promoted to positions of authority within the popular television series. Besides the typical work-based politics, there are also plenty of interpersonal relationship drama, with some of the members dating each other. Sometimes these little dalliances result in something, and other times they fizzle out, like the relationship between Sylvia Brett (Kara Killmer) and Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer). With so many varying aspects to "Chicago Fire," and a multitude of plots, which storyline has some fans feeling that it was a bit rushed in the grand scope of things?

Fans feel that Stella Kidd's promotion feels a little bit rushed

It seems that fans have some rather strong opinions about a recent plot, with Reddit user cftheking starting a discussion by saying, "Loved my time watching the show but Lieutenant Stella Kidd was the last straw. Didn't think they would actually go through with this forced and rushed storyline. But its clear they chose this for some reason. Either way I had a good run. Can't watch after last episode." This immediately caused a deluge of comments, with Reddit user ba447ar replying that they wish they would show that Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) was capable of the job and promotion, instead of just telling fans how great she is.

Reddit user Honkerstonkers agreed, and added, "I've seen nothing in the show that suggests she would make a good lieutenant. On the contrary, she's always been either impulsive or insecure and dithering. Yet they behave like she's this amazing super firefighter." Reddit user JDubya2017 said that it was getting harder to watch "Chicago Fire," since the departure of Matthew Casey, while Reddit user PersonalCover stated that the part that felt most rushed was just how quickly Stella got onto Truck 81, especially after her comments about taking a step back from a leadership position. However, not all were in agreement that Kidd's promotion was rushed, with Reddit user Ta-veren- defending the decision, and noting that the show has been building up the character to act in a leadership capacity. Reddit user SM_83 also believed in the promotion of Kidd, saying that they've been slowly pushing the character in that direction, and that most fans are overreacting. Either way, it seems that there is certainly a division among fans when it comes to Stella Kidd's advancement.