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The Ocean's Crew Member You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

When we set out to consider which member of the infamous Ocean's crew your zodiac sign might match, we realized quickly that Ocean's Eleven (the group) doesn't have quite enough characters to match with each of the Twelve zodiac signs. So we opened the doors to Soderbergh's other two films in the original trilogy. We then decided that boys shouldn't have all the fun and opened ourselves to the possibility that some of the women from "Ocean's Eight" (the movie and the group) might be well suited to some of the signs.

This means that the list below is a mix of characters who are members of the crews across all four "Ocean's" movies, with varying levels of responsibility in the heists. It also means that not every single character is represented here, but instead of attempting to make every member of the core Eleven fit with a sign, we've found the characters who best represent the signs as described by Astrology.com. And don't worry, every sign is represented, so read on to find out the Ocean's crew member you are based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Danny Ocean

It only makes sense that Danny Ocean, the titular Ocean of the first three "Ocean's" films, would be the character that fits natural leader Aries. Aries can "rally the troops against seemingly insurmountable odds" due to their great "personal magnetism," and Danny certainly rallies the other members of the team against seemingly insurmountable odds in "Ocean's Eleven" and "Ocean's Twelve." Those born under this sign often are described as "a bundle of energy and dynamism ... leading people along with [their] charm and charisma." As played by George Clooney, Danny certainly exudes charm and charisma, which we see in basically every scene he is in.

Aries are also known for being "direct when it comes to expressing themselves," which we see most with Danny in "Ocean's Eleven" when he is entirely honest with Tess about wanting her back. The sign is also always "battle-ready, which is important in emergencies where swift action is needed," like when Terry Benedict arrives at the Ocean home at the start of "Ocean's Twelve." There we see that Danny and Tess are indeed battle-ready and even have discussed a code to alert each other to Terry's appearance. 

While Aries can be very individualistic (which makes sense for a thief), they "can also be very loyal," which is undoubtedly true for a man who regularly seeks out the same people to work with, and twice throughout three films selects a job to help Reuben after he has been wronged by other casino owners.

Taurus: Reuben Tishkoff

Reuben is betrayed by business partners twice over the course of three films, highlighting that sadly he, like other Tauruses, "can often be taken advantage of" due to his peaceful nature. Thankfully, this is only one of the things that marks him as a Taurus. We also see that he "adores comfort and likes being surrounded by pleasing, soothing things" throughout the films. This is especially apparent in his introduction scene in "Ocean's Eleven" when Danny and Rusty go over for lunch, where Reuben is wearing flip flops, swim shorts, and a very comfortable-looking robe.

When he appears in "Ocean's Eight," he's wearing a luxurious fur coat and gets a "looking good" compliment from Debbie. That coat and the soft fabric suits that Reuben wears in "Ocean's Eleven" and "Ocean's Thirteen," not to mention the pajamas we see him wear in "Ocean's Thirteen." His luxurious attire highlights that Tauruses "adorn themselves with fabrics and accessories that are not only beautiful to the eye but have some texture or tactile quality that 'feels' good to wear, or touch."

Beyond his kind nature and love for "the rewards of the game," we also see that Reuben loves "good common sense ... often think[ing] concretely and practically" when Danny and Rusty first pitch him on robbing a casino, and he responds with a lecture about how difficult and dangerous pulling off such a heist actually can be.

Gemini: Rusty Ryan

Geminis are "bright, quick-witted, and the proverbial life of the party" and there may not be a better scene of any character being "the life of the party" than early in "Ocean's Eleven" when we see Rusty running a table of young stars, including Topher Grace and Joshua Jackson, ostensibly teaching them how to play poker.

It also makes sense that it's Rusty's job to recruit most of the crew, as a Geminis "excel at connecting people to the right people, so that resources, skills, and information can be disseminated." Rusty is able to connect people so well because Geminis "are supremely interested in developing their relationships." We see this regarding friendship and business relationships in "Ocean's Eleven," which then expands to include a romantic connection in "Ocean's Twelve."

It's in that romantic relationship with Isabel that we also see Rusty's ability "to blend into any environment easily, taking on the customs of local culture and language" as the opening of "Ocean's Twelve" shows us a flashback of Rusty living with her in Rome. We also see Rusty display great "intelligence and keen, articulate communication skills" in "Ocean's Twelve" when the team runs into the impossibility of firing a crossbow bolt into the Van Der Woude house unless they literally tilt the building and he remembers a conversation with Isabel about a group of thieves doing just that in the past.

Cancer: Tammy

Are we being literal by selecting Tammy, a suburban mom, as the maternal Cancer of the various Ocean's groups? Certainly, but not overly so. Cancers "take great pleasure in the comforts of home and family," they are "domestic and love to nurture others," and living with a loving family in a beautiful (and sizable) suburban home certainly seems to be a form of taking pleasure in home and family.

However, it's not only her life outside the heist that makes Tammy a Cancer. Her role in the Met Gala caper makes great use of her "leadership in the roles of being a nurturer, host, protector, and caretaker" as she gets a job at Vogue to host the gala. She then uses her "sensitive, intuitive, and protective awareness" to set up her fellow thieves for success from that position.

We also see Tammy get emotional, as Cancers are wont to do. When Debbie comes to her home to recruit her for the job, she's clear with her old friend and partner in crime that she's frustrated and doesn't like her showing up unannounced. But we also see her "steadfast and loyal" nature in this scene. After all, even though Tammy explicitly requested that Debbie never visit her at home, much less sneak into her house days after getting out of prison, Tammy is ultimately happy to see her old friend and ultimately decides to join the team for the job.

Leo: Daphne Kluger

Once again, it may be predictable to select actress Daphne Kluger as the Leo. However, Daphne isn't just any actress, she's a superstar, and she loves being one. We see that "making an impression is job number one" for her, as it is for all Leos, when she agrees to be dressed by Rose Weil for the Met Gala, an unexpected and certainly head-turning choice. That trait is on display once again when she is only too happy to wear the $150 million Toussaint necklace.

During Daphne's interviews it also becomes clear how she became a superstar, as, like many Leos, she has a great "personal magnetism," as well as plenty of "courage and confidence." Beyond that, when we see Daphne directing her own film at the end of "Ocean's Eight," it's clear that her ambitions and  "strength of purpose" allows her "to accomplish a great deal." She also certainly has "a flair for the dramatic," a classic Leo trait, and Anne Hathaway does a fantastic job giving the most in every moment on screen to emphasize that Daphne is a true drama queen.

The film's finale reveals that Daphne has been a secret member of the team, and she is thrilled to join the rest of the thieves at their makeshift headquarters for the operation. There, we see that Daphne's confidence doesn't extend only to herself but also to her friends as she encourages "their abilities and self-confidence as well."

Virgo: Livingston Dell

Virgos can be "the butt of jokes for being so picky and critical," which of course means that the Virgo of the Ocean's teams is tech specialist Livingston Dell, who often asks the other members of the team not to touch his delicate equipment. But just like all Virgos, Livingston's attention to detail is used to help others, or at the very least serve the team's interests, as we see him use his "industrious, methodical, and efficient" nature to ensure that things go smoothly for the crew.

As we noted in our ranking of the members of the "Ocean's Eleven" heist crew, Livingston is also somewhat prone to anxiety, something that some born under this sign may succumb to as their "highly functional mind can easily become overactive." In "Ocean's Thirteen," we see Livingston struggle with "self-doubt and worry" when he struggles to hack the card dispensing machines and has to call in Roman for help.

However, over the course of the first three films, we see Livingston consistently make great use of his "mental agility, adaptability, and skillful, meticulous nature" to ensure that the team has what they need and can execute the jobs.

Libra: Virgil and Turk Malloy

Libras are the sign of "Partnership with a capital 'P' because these folks do not want to be alone!" Beyond that, for many Libras, "everything is better if it's done as a pair." So it seems only fitting that there isn't just one Libra in the "Ocean's" films, but two. The two who seem incapable of separating from each other no matter how much they may get on each others' nerves — Virgil and Turk Malloy.

The brothers almost always work together, whether it's covering security cameras with balloons or serving as bodyguards in "Ocean's Eleven," keeping watch in "Ocean's Twelve," or inciting a worker rebellion in "Ocean's Thirteen." That rebellion also shows that the brothers, like all Libras, have a "natural orientation toward seeking justice and fairness in society" as they lead the fight for fair wages at a factory that they won't be working at for more than a few months at most.

Thanks to the interrupted wedding in "Ocean's Twelve," we see that while the brothers certainly love to work in a pair, Virgil is also committed to his romantic pairing. It makes sense that one of the Libras is getting married, as "their favorite partnership is at home: marriage. Libras feel most complete when they are coupled up with their lover, forever."

Scorpio: Terry Benedict

Scorpios are "dead serious in their mission to learn about others," and no one in the "Ocean's" movies is more serious or deadly than Terry Benedict. While the way that he learns about others and the reasons why he's so committed to learning about them in "Ocean's Eleven" and "Ocean's Twelve" may be explicitly villainous, we certainly can't deny that he is an "adept investigator" as many Scorpios are. He's also "suspicious and slow to trust," which serves him well as a casino owner.

Terry's commitment to finding each member of the crew in "Ocean's Twelve" highlights both the Scorpio's commitment to seeing things they've set themselves to through to the end and their desire to "probe and know how to get to the bottom of things." And of course, the reason he's so interested in finding them all is vengeance, something that Scorpios are certainly inclined to against those who have wronged them, and robbing someone's casino certainly counts as a significant wrong.

Yet, in "Ocean's Thirteen," Terry becomes a member of the crew when they need to manipulate Willy Bank. Terry is, of course, well suited to this as his curiosity about people has allowed him to know just what it is that makes Bank tick.

Sagittarius: Tess

Sagittarians "are truth-seekers," and we know that Tess (Danny's first, ex, and second wife) is very interested in the truth about people, both in regards to what they do and in regards to their authenticity — as we see in "Ocean's Eleven." Tess also seems to be a wanderer, like many Sagittarians. In "Ocean's Eleven," we see her wander from Danny to Terry and back as she determines what is most important to her and who she would like to be in a relationship with.

Sagittarians are also "keenly interested in philosophy and religion, and they find that these disciplines aid their internal quest." While Tess isn't a philosopher or theologian, she is both an artist and a curator of art, and these endeavors certainly highlight her search for inner truth, as well as her interest in finding our others' inner truths.

While we see Tess's anger with Danny in "Ocean's Eleven," her willingness to forgive him highlights that Sagittarians "rarely hold a grudge." Her comments to him at their first conversation about being with Terry show that as a Sagittarius, she "will passionately state [her] opinions." In contrast, her decision to leave Terry for Danny shows how Sagittarians "reserve the right to always change their mind, stating just as passionately their new views later on," which we see as she tells off Terry. In both scenes, we also see the "bold, authoritative way of speaking" that Sagittarius is known for.

Capricorn: Linus Caldwell

Capricorns are "all about hard work," they're "ambitious and determined," and they "take their honor and public reputation very seriously." None of the crew members exemplifies this sign more than Linus, who throughout the first three movies is constantly working on proving himself and earning a larger role on the jobs. This is especially true because Linus comes from a family of thieves (who we meet in "Ocean's Twelve" and "Ocean's Thirteen") and wants to make a name for himself as an individual, and not just be known as the child of some of the best in the business. Linus's determination and commitment to bettering himself as a professional thief means that he is "consistent, and reliable," as most Capricorns are.

However, we also see Linus fall into the Capricorn trap of becoming "myopically focused on their goals" when he insists to Rusty that he is ready to meet with Matsui in "Ocean's Twelve." This leads to one of the funniest bits in the movie but shows that Linus overestimated his skills and let his ambition get the better of him.

Aquarius: Debbie Ocean

Aquarians are known for their "humanitarian, philanthropic" interests, and those born under this sign "love to spend time thinking about how things can be better." While it may seem a bit ironic to call a thief philanthropic, we know that Debbie Ocean spends almost her entire prison sentence thinking about how things could be better by pulling off a job that would pay out huge amounts for her and all of her collaborators. It makes sense that she has so many collaborators as Aquarians are inclined to make the world better (for her and her friends).

The most "philanthropic" part of Debbie shows up when she and Lou surprise the other members of the crew with a far larger payout than they anticipated from the job, revealing that they stole more precious jewels than just the Toussaint. It would have been just as easy for Debbie and Lou to keep this extra cash to themselves, but they joyously share it.

Debbie also exemplifies the Aquarian "affinity for abstract thought that allows them to examine problems and innovate new solutions." We learn that while in prison, she ran through so many possible scenarios of the heist that she has considered every angle. Later, she reveals that she's able to avoid being "mired in subjectivity," as many Aquarians are, when she admits that while she briefly considered robbing 10 banks, she recognized that impulse came from a place of not entirely practical anger.

Pisces: Basher Tarr

Pisceans are defined by their feelings, "and it's not uncommon for them to feel their own burdens (and joys) as well as those of others." There is perhaps no member of the Ocean's team more defined by his feelings than Basher Tarr. In his introduction in "Ocean's Eleven," we see Basher's (very reasonable) frustration with the unprofessional team he's working with that failed to do their one job of disarming the vault they're attempting to rob. Shortly thereafter, when Rusty gets him out of being arrested, we see Basher joyously almost skip away from the scene and excitedly talk about "working with proper villains again."

However, it's in "Ocean's Thirteen" where we see Basher take on another's burden after he becomes deeply invested in Reuben's recovery following his heart attack. As a Pisces, Basher "can be counted on to offer help and healing support to anyone who is in need," and he shows this when he writes Reuben poetic letters. These letters emphasize Basher's "compassionate and empathic" nature while also showing that, like many other Pisceans, Basher is the poet of the Ocean's crew.