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The Batman Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Most people wait their entire lives for the stars to align for them when they're actually looking at it the wrong way. It's about turning to the stars for guidance and knowledge, understanding how astrology can help predict certain human phenomena and patterns of behavior. And even if someone isn't a firm believer in the power of horoscopes, it still makes for fun and light reading at the end of the day.

"The Batman" features a host of intriguing characters from different walks of life. What filmmaker Matt Reeves does incredibly well is showcase them from their unique perspectives, where each of them believes they are the real hero of their own story. With that said, some of their actions and character archetypes fit the mold of the 12 zodiac signs. So let's fire up the Batmobile, turn up the volume to 11, and take a drive back to Gotham City to see which characters from "The Batman" match your zodiac sign.

Aries: Batman

According to Allure, an Aries is a lot like its symbol: the ram. These individuals dive headfirst into situations, emboldened by their determination and bravery as they take on all comers. That said, they also have a tendency to act first and think later since they have an unwavering optimism that everything will turn out okay when all is said and done. Sound like a certain Caped Crusader that we all know, doesn't it?

In "The Batman," the Dark Knight embodies all these traits as he believes he can take on Gotham City's underworld with his fists. Look at how he takes on that gang at the beginning of the film as a prime example. Common sense would indicate that he is severely outnumbered and should hightail it, but he refuses to back down, showcasing why vengeance runs through his veins. While the Bat comes to the realization that violence isn't going to change the city, he still believes he can be a symbol of hope through his actions — again demonstrating the Aries quality of persistent optimism even in the face of the greatest adversity.

Taurus: Carmine Falcone

When most people think of a Taurus, the first trait that comes to mind is them being as stubborn as a bull. However, there are a few more qualities that shape this star sign, per InStyle. Taureans love nothing more than the finer things in life, indulging in good food and good times. At the same time, they're extremely close-minded and resistant to any sort of change, choosing comfort over anything else.

Applying these traits to the characters from "The Batman," it's clear that Carmine Falcone shares the most in common with the Taurus zodiac sign. Falcone rules Gotham City through his devious schemes and dirty payoffs, and he loves nothing more than to revel in the spoils of war. Regardless of what happens to the decaying city around him, he refuses to change for the better. At the end of the day, it proves to be his downfall as he plays all sides as "el rata alada" but eventually stumbles into the Riddler's proverbial mousetrap.

Gemini: Oswald Cobblepot

A Gemini is all about personality, according to Cosmopolitan. They're seen as highly sociable, chatty, and intellectual people who are normally the center of attention at all social gatherings. That said, there's a dark side to this zodiac sign as well, since a Gemini craves intel about everyone around them and isn't renowned for being too loyal as they keep several doors of possibilities open. In other words, this is the picture-perfect description of the Iceberg Lounge's emperor, Oswald Cobblepot.

In the movie, Penguin isn't the crime boss that everyone has become familiar with in the comics — he's still Falcone's right-hand man and underling. But like a Gemini, he brings everyone together in one place, where he is privy to all sorts of important conversations and seedy dealings, i.e., gathering dirt on everyone. More importantly, Oz waits patiently for his moment to ascend. When he finds out that Falcone is the rat, he is ready to strike and take his place at the top of Gotham's crime food chain.

Cancer: Alfred Pennyworth

As per Astrology-Zodiac-Signs.com, Cancer is one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac. The reason for this is because a Cancer is seen as highly empathetic and caring, especially when it comes to the people close to them. They're incredibly loyal individuals and won't leave anyone high and dry when the going gets tough.

Alfred Pennyworth's protectiveness of Bruce Wayne showcases the typical trademarks of a Cancer. Even when Bruce lashes out at his loyal butler in anger, Alfred refuses to turn his back on him, treating him as if he were family. His biggest concern is always about Bruce and everything that he's been through in his life. In fact, he even overlooks the fact that the youngest Wayne is dressing up as a giant bat and knocking the snot out of the city's criminal element. If that isn't the mark of true loyalty, then we don't know what is.

Leo: Selina Kyle

The Leo is all about fire, according to mindbodygreen. Like the lion, these people are fierce, courageous, and majestic as they command all the attention and respect in a room. At the same time, no one should ever attempt to get on their bad side since they're more than capable of defending themselves from all threats to their dominance. Again, like a lion, everyone knows that they're the king or queen of the pack, and they're not about the "Hakuna Matata" life.

Forget about the fact that the Leo's symbol is a feline for a second, because that's too on the nose here. In "The Batman," Selina Kyle pounces onto the scene with two typical Leo traits: glamor and bravery. Her extravagant fashion sense makes her stand out from the crowd, while her desire to take on Gotham's most crooked to get justice for her friend Annika speaks volumes of her courage. She is Catwoman, and we certainly hear her roar.

Virgo: The Riddler

As the sixth sign of the zodiac, Virgo is seen as the meticulous of the lot. Per PrepScholar, Virgos are extremely creative and practical people but often come across as single-minded or judgmental in their pursuit of sheer perfection. If something doesn't fall into place quite as they expect it to, they might react in a hostile manner.

The Riddler lives the Virgo life — well, at least all the negative-leaning qualities. While his maniacal, Jigsaw-inspired traps and brain-racking riddles are excellent examples of his creative and studious side, he also shows how inflexible he is in his views of the world and what he deems as a perfect society. In his mind, Thomas Wayne and Gotham's elite have wronged him, and there is no going back after that. He doesn't want to have a conversation about the injustices or his suggestions of how best to fix the broken system. No, he woke up one morning and chose violence.

Libra: Jim Gordon

It's apt that the Libra's symbol is a scale because this star sign is all about stability. According to Allure, a Libra is obsessed with finding a good balance in their lives; they're normally the people who preach the loudest about a healthy work-life equilibrium and setting boundaries. They also subscribe more to the "we" rather than the "me" mentality, which means that justice is something that's fundamental to their value system.

"If you are justice, please do not lie. What is the price for your blind eye?" The Riddler's riddle certainly doesn't apply to Jim Gordon in "The Batman." As one of the only good cops in Gotham City, Gordon fights for justice, even when everyone around him turns a blind eye and gives in to the city's darker elements. He believes in the law and what it stands for. For him, it's all about fairness, much like a typical Libra.

Scorpio: The Joker

Even though a Scorpio's symbol is a scorpion, most people don't tend to associate the star sign with predatory or venomous behavior. Instead, Scorpios are seen as ambitious and natural leaders who inspire others with their high level of enthusiasm and unrelenting determination, per The Sun. However, there is a flip side to the coin here: their ambition can turn into compulsive obsession, and a Scorpio knows how to manipulate others to get what they want.

While Barry Keoghan's Joker had the tiniest of roles in "The Batman," his brief, shadowy appearance confirms two important details. One, he knows all the right words to tell the Riddler, schmoozing him and his plan to destroy the city. And two, he utilizes his charisma to make a new friend who will inevitably become a part of his own dastardly plot for future movies. On the surface, the Clown Prince of Crime might come across as a happy and non-threatening accomplice to his fellow patient in Arkham Asylum, but beneath the surface, he's as poisonous and dangerous as they come.

Sagittarius: Bella Reál

Geminis might be the life of the party, but a Sagittarius could give them a run for their money. They love interaction and talking to all types of people as they show off their ability to prattle on about a multitude of topics (via Women's Health). Their most endearing quality, however, is their optimism — they see the world as an inherently good place that is capable of change.

Well, with that in mind, is there anyone more idealistic than Gotham City's mayor-elect Bella Reál? Even though the city is wrapped in a cocoon of greed and corruption and turns more toxic than Twitter's comments section, she still believes that it is capable of real change. No matter if there is a serial killer on the loose or an asylum filled with the most dangerous criminals on Earth — Reál cements herself as the ultimate optimist that can still find a glimmer of hope in the festering cesspool known as Gotham City.

Capricorn: Thomas Wayne

Out of all the zodiac signs, Capricorns are renowned for being the hardest workers, according to Well+Good. They have an endless stream of energy when they find something they're passionate about and will find ways to make it happen regardless of the obstacles or doubters. It should come as no surprise then that Capricorn is a sign often associated with successful entrepreneurs and motivational leaders.

Thomas Wayne symbolizes a Capricorn's traits best in "The Batman," as he harbors aspirations to become Gotham City's mayor and empower its citizens. He wants to use his influence to inspire positive change in a city that has let down its people so many times. In a moment of weakness, however, he seeks help from the wrong person (Carmine Falcone) to protect him and his family, which derails all of his efforts. His ambition also proves to be the death of him, both literally and figuratively.

Aquarius: The Twins

An Aquarius blazes their own trail and lives life by their own standard, according to Almanac. They value freedom above everything else and are always looking toward the future for new and exciting opportunities. This means they aren't always the most committed of individuals since their heads will be turned by a better offer if it comes along.

Known only as the Twins, actors Charlie and Max Carver serve as the Penguin's bouncers, and their sole purpose is to keep out unwanted visitors from entering the Iceberg Lounge. While they are absolutely terrible at their jobs (Batman walks in several times), this isn't exactly a long-term gig with promises of promotions and an amazing dental plan. Like an Aquarius, they are likely on the lookout for the next big thing — perhaps with another boss like Two-Face who might appreciate their duplicity a little more than Oz.

Pisces: Gil Colson

The Pisces symbol involves two fishes moving in different directions. According to Allure, this signifies a conflict in attention, as they struggle to live in both the real and dream world. As a result, a Pisces doesn't always face tricky situations head-on and will try to find different forms of escapism.

Gotham City's district attorney Gil Colson is like a fish out of water in "The Batman." While he is undoubtedly shady and has many skeletons in his closet, it's evident that he struggles with his choices as he uses vices to forget all the awful and unlawful things he's done. The only time he is brought back to reality is when he is caught in the Riddler's terrifying trap. But even then, he doesn't seem to understand the gravity of the situation as he refuses to give up the name of the rat, which proves to be his final act of defiance as he is blown to smithereens in the film's most gruesome death scene.