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The Best Find On American Pickers Season 6

The folks who wheel and deal their way through daily life in History's "American Pickers" have found a number of hot deals during their time on the show. Whether it's the time former co-host Frank Fritz and "American Pickers" figurehead Mike Wolfe bought a bunch of antique circus banners for $700 and later learned they were worth between over $5000 each, to the time they paid $12,500 for a Dodge A100 hot rod truck that Frank couldn't even fit in, high-impact deals are a way of life on the show. So is restoration, collection, and reselling.

Wolfe, in particular, has a tendency to strike gold on the program. He's scored some great finds — but he's also been on the wrong end of a few raw deals. Remember the time he bought a fleet of Indian Motorcycle motors during Season 6, paying $8,300 but only earning back $5,000 on the sale. We're going to take another look at Season 6 today. What's the best find the show's pickers panned up during the whole season? One item clearly stands out from the pile.

Mike made a bundle on a Harley Knucklehead motor

During Episode 4 of Season 6, "Feudin' Pickers," Mike and Frank are in Georgia looking to pick some deals. Mike hopes to score something solid before he leaves, and Danielle sends them to the home of an elderly collector, Eddie, who's looking to sell some of his goods. To their astonishment, the garage is jam-packed with antique motors, model planes, and motorcycles. The customer then pulls the tarp off the best find; the frame of a 1937 Knucklehead Harley Davidson motorcycle. The motor is intact, even though the frame has been stripped for parts multiple times.

Mike knows he can get a pretty penny for that motor, so he starts haggling with the owner. Eddie asks for $5000 for the whole unit, but Mike asks for just the motor for $3000, which Eddie agrees to do. But the more time he spends with and on the frame, the more Mike realizes he has buyer's remorse. Mike offers $4000 for the frame and motor — $1000 less than Eddie originally wanted. Eddie tries to haggle for $200 more, but he finally agrees to a flat $4000 for the entire bike. Mike plans to sell both for $7,500, which means he'll be left with a solid profit of $3,500.

Not only was this a profitable find for the team, but it also was one of their most difficult haggles and one where they came out on top. That they succeeded in convincing the wily Eddie to part with his goods and make a little extra money on the side makes the Knucklehead Motor and Harley frame the best find of the season.