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The Chicago Fire Star Whose Two Daughters Appeared On The Show

NBC has created in fictional family of first responders through Dick Wolf's "One Chicago" franchise. Kicking off with "Chicago Fire" in 2012, fans have watched the professional and personal turmoil of police officers, firefighters, and medical personnel on the three shows including "Chicago P.D." and "Chicago Med." The franchise has seen massive success and developed a real-life family amongst the cast members who appear on each other's shows. 

One of the veteran firefighters on "Chicago Fire" is Randall "Mouch" McHolland (portrayed by Christian Stolte). He's a staple in Firehouse 51, usually found on the couch that inspired his nickname. Mouch is the president of the firefighter's union and a master at open communication, and he's appeared in every episode since the pilot of "Chicago Fire." He's also a staple on "Chicago P.D." considering his romantic fling with Trudy Platt (Amy Morton). 

Looking back on his long career on the crime procedural, Stolte has a few favorite moments from "Chicago Fire" that bring together the Station 51 family with his real-life loved ones.

Stolte's daughters both appeared in episodes of Chicago Fire

In an interview with Parade, the "Chicago Fire" cast looked back on the shows 200 episodes, each naming moments that were particularly special to them. Stolte's answer was easy, as both of his daughters have actually appeared on the show. 

Fans are more likely to recognize his older daughter, Corinne Anderson, who has portrayed Mouch's biological daughter Lizzie Shaffer. She appeared in one episode titled "Forgive You Anything," where Lizzie discovers that Mouch was the "sperm donor father," Stolte explained. Anderson also appeared in an episode of "Chicago Med" as Nurse Lizzie Shaffer. According to IMDb, Anderson has worked behind-the-scenes in Hollywood as well, on films like "Jupiter Ascending" and "Transformers: Age of Extinction." 

Stolte also revealed that his youngest daughter, Greta Stolte, had a brief appearance in the pilot episode of "Chicago Fire." He recalls that she was "the first person rescued" in that episode. "She's not a freshman at Arizona State, but she was small enough that Jesse [Spencer] handed her off to David [Eigenberg] after they crawled out of a residential fire," Stolte said. It just goes to show how long "Chicago Fire" has been entertaining fans and how integrated the core cast and crew are with the major series.