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This Look At Jon Bernthal As Two-Face Is Flat-Out Terrifying

DC Comics fans will never get enough live-action interpretations of their favorite fictional heroes and villains. From big-screen examples like "Justice League" and "The Batman" to small-screen series like "Supergirl" and "Arrow," every new face who puts on the cowl, wields the Lasso of Truth, or flies the friendly skies of Metropolis is celebrated, scrutinized, and sometimes castigated by comics fans worldwide.

One example of a beloved DC character who's seen several live-action interpretations is Harvey Dent. In the comics world, Dent is Bruce Wayne's former friend and Gotham's former district attorney. Dent's life takes a terrible twist when he's scarred in an acid attack. Suffering from a mental breakdown in the wake of the injury, Dent joins the criminal underworld. He's now known as Two-Face and suffers from a split personality. He embodies two different people in a single frame — one kinder, more reasoned, and reflective of his original humanity, the other psychopathic. He makes choices regarding his crimes — even about the survival of his victims — by flipping a two-headed coin.

A fan has created an artistic rendering of what actor Jon Bernthal (Netflix's "The Punisher," AMC's "The Walking Dead") might look like as Harvey Dent, and the end result is stunning.

BFHDesign's gruesome art is grimly fascinating

The above image was created by Dylan, known as @bfhdesign on Instagram, an artist from the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. The photo manipulation shows Jon Bernthal in a neatly pressed suit and tie, half of his face an unscarred countenance looking resolutely forward, the other half a twisted, scarred visage with visible muscular structures and rows of pearly teeth. Patches of bone peek through his jawline, and his left eye remains unlidded.

Dylan's art is just one of a number of photo manipulations he has created of various Hollywood stars as DC and Mavel Comics heroes. Aside from Bernthal as Dent, he has also shared images of Willem Dafoe as the JokerDylan O'Brien as NightwingAnya Taylor-Joy as Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat; and Norman Reedus as Ghost Rider. You can find even more examples of Dylan's talent by heading to his Instagram account.