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Bridgerton | Movies To Watch If You Can't Get Enough

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The high society of 19th-century London gets a spicy new twist in "Bridgerton." The seductive hit series from Shonda Rhimes, which adapts Julia Quinn's beloved romance novels, follows the titular family as they navigate life, love, and the pressures of the aristocracy. The Bridgertons are a proud and resilient bunch, with eight siblings and one widowed mother who shepherds them all through England's Regency era. They also rub elbows with the queen and court and enjoy decadent fashions and fineries.

In addition to being a story about familial love and the upper echelon, the show is brimming with captivating stories of romance, and when Season 2 arrives on Netflix on Friday, March 25, fans can expect to see even more heartwarming connections and delicious gossip unfold on-screen. To celebrate the coming return of the show that has everyone talking, here's a look at some of the movies that might just satisfy "Bridgerton" fans.

The Last Letter from Your Lover

When it comes to affairs of the heart throughout "Bridgerton," Lady Whistledown has a somewhat omniscient view of the goings on in town, and she commits her observations to written record in her highly consumed newsletter. A similarly immersive and intimate set of writings can be found at the center of 2021's "The Last Letter from Your Lover."

The film takes place over two different periods of time in London, as a present-day journalist unearths a treasure trove of vintage letters. These passionate notes are from a pair of secret lovers for whom absence only makes the heart grow fonder. Each recovered page reveals an intense and unshakable connection that develops between the mysterious and forbidden couple, and as the truth of their connection and history comes to light, our modern-day observer finds some new emotional depths of her own to investigate. Audiences will no doubt rejoice in the intrigue and obsession that this film explores, and, of course, the swoon factor is at full-tilt.

The King

As debonair and capable as Simon Basset (Regé-Jean Page) is at adapting to his inherited position as the duke of Hastings in "Bridgerton," we learn in flashbacks that his cruel father was once very certain that his ascension to the title would be a disgrace for the family. Fans of the series will certainly find some common ground between that fan-favorite character and the titular lead in the 2019 war epic "The King."

Based upon William Shakespeare's Henriad plays, the film from David Michôd follows Henry, aka "Hal" (Timothée Chalamet), the prince of Wales, who has no interest in his claim to the throne of his father, Henry IV of England, and instead spends his time drinking and savoring the spoils of wealth. However, when the circumstances of succession suddenly change thanks to the death of his brother and father, Hal must wear the crown and lead his country to victory over the kingdom's enemies, who test his commitment to reign. The story takes place long before the events of "Bridgerton," but fans will no doubt relish this historical lens on some similar monarchical and societal circles.


Another adaptation of a seminal Shakespeare piece that's absolutely worth any "Bridgerton" fan's time is the 2018 romantic period drama "Ophelia." The star-studded picture is an adaptation of the Bard's "Hamlet," told from the perspective of Ophelia (Daisy Ridley) instead of the titular prince. Much like Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor) is a favored lady who has captured the curiosity of the queen at the start of the series, Ophelia also boasts some pretty deep connections to the crown. She's even being courted by the heir of the king himself in a gripping romance.

However, the quiet castle quickly becomes a place of deception and death. And soon, Ophelia finds herself in the midst of a furious feud between the royal family members, who all viciously guard some very dark secrets. For those "Bridgerton" fans who enjoy the palace intrigue elements of the series in particular, "Ophelia" is a must-see movie.

The Other Boleyn Girl

The tale of King Henry VIII and the many unfortunate women who loved him during his reign has been passed down for generations. And the twisted saga of this Tudor king and his parade of lovers is such a lasting piece of history that it was eventually turned into a tragic tale that's perfect for "Bridgerton" fans.

The 2008 historical drama "The Other Boleyn Girl" digs into what is undoubtedly the most storied love triangle of them all — the affair between Henry (Eric Bana) and his mistresses, sisters Mary (Scarlett Johansson) and Anne Boleyn (Natalie Portman). The film chronicles the start of their involvement with the monarch — as their family elders conspire to install one of them as a mistress to create a new heir for the king — until the very bitter end of their time in court. Suffice it to say, if you thought things were chaotic for the ladies in waiting on "Bridgerton," well, "The Other Boleyn Girl" proves it was even worse for women in the 16th century.

Effie Gray

There's no doubt that if Daphne had to go through with a marriage to Lord Berbrooke (Jamie Beamish) in "Bridgerton," it would've been less than loveless, to say the least, and there would be very little chance for her to seek any sort of happily ever after if and when the marriage was decreed. Luckily, that's not what happened, but for the title character in "Effie Gray" (Dakota Fanning) — which is based upon a true story from the same era as the show — she does indeed endure the trials of a joyless union.

The film follows Effie Gray as she marries her longtime suitor after a years-long courtship that began in her childhood. However, she quickly learns that theirs will not be a happy marriage, as he suddenly seems disgusted by and disinterested in her. Over time, Effie's heartbreak gives way to a renewed sense of self worth as she finds the possibility of real romance with another.

The Royal Treatment

Speaking of a second chance at romance, another film that explores the possibility of finding a new happily ever after is "The Royal Treatment." This romantic drama follows a young hairdresser named Izzy (Laura Marano) who gets accidentally hired to do the hair of a prince, Thomas of Lavania (Mena Massoud), and his family subsequently hires her salon team to travel abroad and help with preparations for his wedding.

However, Prince Thomas isn't exactly delighted to be betrothed to a woman he doesn't love, and he deeply desires to become more involved with the outside world. And even though Izzy is from a distant land, her familiarity with normal life means they end up spending a lot of time together. With their hearts on the line and the pressures of royal responsibility in the back of their minds, both Izzy and Thomas have some big decisions to make about what they each really want out of life. Fans of the will-they-won't-they aspects of "Bridgerton" will surely enjoy seeing what becomes of Thomas' big day.

Little Women

Beyond the series' sweeping romances, one of the most compelling elements of "Bridgerton" is the dynamics at play amid all of the various households — especially among the members of the title family. The bond between all of the siblings and their mother is extraordinary to behold and anchors a lot of the action that unfolds.

A similarly tight-knit but complex family story can be found at the center of "Little Women," the exquisite 1994 adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's classic novel. The all-star cast of the film (Winona Ryder, Kirsten Dunst, and Susan Sarandon, among others) brings the March sisters and their "Marmee" to life as they grapple with love and loss in 19th-century New England. With their father away at war and the girls coming into society age, they each learn something about their own identities and how to survive the struggles of their time. The film boasts stunning performances, immersive sets, and a timelessly endearing story at the center, so "Little Women" is a perfect watch for fans of "Bridgerton."

Elizabeth and Margaret: Love and Loyalty

While we're on the subject of compelling sibling stories, perhaps no real-life sisterly relationship has been more captivating than that of Queen Elizabeth II and her sister, Princess Margaret. Fans of Netflix's other royal-centric hit series, "The Crown," will no doubt remember some of the moments that defined the relationship between the sovereign and the spare, but there's still so much more to explore about their history behind the walls of Buckingham Palace.

The 2021 documentary "Elizabeth and Margaret: Love and Loyalty" offers a new lens on the dynamic duo, examining the many rumors and mysterious moments that have captivated palace watchers for decades. With archival footage and the expertise of royal historians, the film guides audiences from Elizabeth and Margaret's childhood to the very end of their time together on the world stage. Audiences who've been fascinated by the gossip and hijinks that ensue in "Bridgerton" will be in for a treat as you witness the history of a very real and very dramatic relationship unfold.

Enola Holmes

An aspect of "Bridgerton" that makes it such a delicious series is the fact that it can also be quite comical. The series embraces its more tongue-in-cheek moments and has a lot of fun with the zanier elements of the story, making it upbeat in even the most serious scenes.

Similarly, "Enola Holmes" is a film set in a vintage era of London and presents a spritely storyline that keeps things just light enough, even when the action gets pretty intense. The film follows the titular sleuth (Millie Bobby Brown), the very capable younger sister of both world-renowned detective Sherlock Holmes (Henry Cavill) and Mycroft Holmes (Sam Claflin), as she defies society's expectations of a young woman her age and engages in her own mission to find their missing mother, Eudoria (Helena Bonham Carter). With sweeping sets, fun action sequences, and an inspiring lead character, "Enola Holmes" is an immersive story that "Bridgerton" fans can sink into next.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Another legendary favorite that gets some impressive screen life is the story of Camelot in "King Arthur: Legend of the Sword." The 2017 historical epic from Guy Ritchie follows the eponymous mythical hero as he escapes the siege of his family's castle by warlocks and a demon knight to become an undercover crime boss while Britain is ruled by a cruel and careless leader.

But when the legendary sword that once protected Camelot is revealed, Arthur steps up to claim Excalibur and realizes his responsibility to rule. With the help of mythical favorites like the Lady of the Lake, Arthur and his knights engage in a deadly mission to reclaim the throne that's been so tarnished by the ouster of his family. With heart-stopping action, jaw-dropping landscapes, and a stellar cast of Hollywood favorites, "King Arthur: Legend of the Sword" is a splendid period drama for fans of "Bridgerton" to check out.