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Kathy Bates Gets High In Disjointed Trailer

Kathy Bates gets high in the first full trailer for Netflix's upcoming comedy Disjointed. The show stars Bates as Ruth Whitefeather Feldman, a self-described "cannabis lawyer, cannabis activist, and, just before I opened the door, cannabis user."

In the series, Ruth, a lifelong cannabis advocate, finally gets to live out her dream of running a marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles. She does this alongside three budtenders, her entrepreneurial twenty-something son, and a very troubled security guard. As the trailer shows, her son Travis (Aaron Moten) wants to make turn the new family business into something much, much bigger. "Pretty soon, somebody's gonna become the Walmart of cannabis," he says to Ruth. "Why not us?" 

The show will reunite Bates with The Big Bang Theory's Chuck Lorre, who co-created the series alongside The Daily Show's David Javerbaum. Lorre and Bates previously worked together on Two and a Half Men, the show that provided Bates' first Emmy win after 10 nominations. She would earn another win two years later for American Horror Story: Coven. (The actress will not appear in the upcoming installment of AHS due to her work on Disjointed.)

Tone Bell, Elizabeth Alderfer, Dougie Baldwin, Elizabeth Ho, Michael Trucco, Chris Redd, and Jessica Lu also star in the show, which will premiere its first twenty episodes on Netflix on August 25. In the meantime, see some other upcoming Netflix originals you didn't know were being made.