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32% Of Big Bang Theory Fans Agree This Character Would Make The Best Roommate

With a good chunk of the humor in "The Big Bang Theory" based around eccentric roommate interactions, there's no doubt that its cast of characters would make for memorable roommates in real life. Sheldon (Jim Parsons) is known for being very particular about, well, everything. He has a lengthy Roommate Agreement with the more easy-going Leonard (Johnny Galecki), including, but not limited to, clauses about thermostat temperatures and zombie outbreaks.

Across the hall is the pretty, but not nerdy, aspiring actress Penny (Kaley Cuoco), who comes over to the Sheldon-Leonard apartment just as much as creepy engineer Howard (Simon Helberg) and socially anxious astrophysicist Raj (Kunal Nayyar). Later, the group is joined by two more romantic interests, the pushy microbiologist Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) and awkward neurobiologist Amy (Mayim Bialik). Since it's a sitcom, every character has their quirks, so fans had plenty to discuss when Reddit user u/amflyinhigh asked the question, "Who do you want as your roommate?"

Leonard is the lesser evil of the group

Out of the seven main characters, Leonard got the most votes, winning with 841 (or about 32%), while Penny was a close second with 811 votes. Raj came in third and Sheldon at fourth, with Howard and Amy at the bottom of the poll. The original poster, user u/amflyinhigh, gave their vote to Raj, writing, "He seems to be a good person in general, organized, cooks well, generous and not a control or clean freak." Many other commenters gave support to Raj, mentioning his cooking skills and pointing out that he's rich.

However, for many fans, Leonard was simply the least terrible option. User u/MysticYounger laid it out: "Sheldon has too many rules. Penny is a dirty slob. Howard would scare off any girl I bring. Bernadette is too bossy. I'd pick Leonard." Leonard won himself points by being both someone who can put up with Sheldon's long list of rules and someone that the very particular Sheldon actually likes as a roommate. "Leonard, a guy that could keep up with Sheldon's crap couldn't be bad. He can cook and he could drive you around," wrote user u/No_Savings6537. Still, a few users favored Sheldon for his cleanliness and organization. The Penny debate, meanwhile, had two clear sides: Those against her as a roommate argued that she's messy and can't always pay her bills, while those in favor of her argued that she's hot.

To complicate matters, plenty of commenters pointed out that the characters change over the course of the series, which affects their decision. But some users just don't want to live with any of the "Big Bang" characters. User u/justconnect wrote, "There should have been a none of the above choice!"