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Here's Where You Can Watch Halo Season 1 Online

A proper live action adaptation of the classic "Halo" series of video games has been a long time coming, with plans for such a project dating back to 2005. Following all sorts of production complications in the years since, a live action "Halo" TV series is finally imminent. As detailed at the end of a full-length trailer that first aired in January, the "Halo" TV show will premiere on March 24.

That trailer, which totals just over two minutes in length, also gave existing "Halo" fans some idea of how the project will treat its source material. For example, among numerous other details it revealed is the fact that multiple staples of "Halo" gameplay, like the Energy Sword and the Warthog vehicle, will factor into the series. Furthermore, a unique monster that appears near the trailer's conclusion hints that the show may put its own spin on established lore, given that it has no clear analogue in "Halo" games.

Both existing fans of "Halo" and those that simply enjoy good sci-fi action, then, have reason to look forward to the series' imminent release. Here's how to watch its first season online once it's available.

Halo Season 1 will be available through Paramount+

As has been made clear at numerous points throughout the project's development, the upcoming "Halo" TV show is exclusive to production company Paramount's flagship streaming service. The only way to watch "Halo" Season 1 upon its release, therefore, will be on Paramount+. A page for "Halo" already exists on the Paramount+ website, which as of the time of this article's writing features every teaser and trailer released so far, in addition to a brief summary of the series.

At least according to its IMDb page, only the first episode of "Halo" Season 1 will be available at the time of the series' debut. Episodes will then begin premiering weekly on Thursdays from that point on. Episode 9, which will air on May 19, will serve as the season finale.

Those interested in watching "Halo" Season 1 as each new episode comes out, then, will need to maintain a Paramount+ subscription for nine weeks in total starting on March 24, which is when Season 1, Episode 1 premieres.